1. M

    Subs out of sync

    Hi all, my 2 12” Kicker 10C124 are not moving together. They’re in a shared airspace sealed box. Both are working and they’re not dangerously out of phase afaik (but I’m new to car audio), you can just see one is moving a little different. They’re powered at 2 ohms by a Alpine MRP-M450 mono amp...
  2. lukehester

    Need Help!

    I have a Ampere Audio AA-2000.1. I installed the amp 2 days ago and it would randomly go into protect mode. I woke up this morning and now that amp immediately goes into protect mode when i turn the car on. I have disconnected everything except the B+, ground, and remote wire, and still the same...
  3. concept 1200d + 4 channel

    concept 1200d + 4 channel

    amps 17 yrs ago powering memphis speakers and 2 12's
  4. AtillaTheHung

    Mono amp or Massive Audio N2

    I'm looking for a good amp that would work with my Cerwin-Vega V122D. Its RMS is 450, and it's peak is 900. It is a DVC 2ohm, anything that would make it sound better than my current amp would be great. Also, first time posting here and I read the rules. Correct me if I messed up somewhere.
  5. W

    FS: Alpine PDX-M12

    Item(s) for Sale: Used Alpine PDX-M12 Item(s) Description/Condition: I bought the amp used on eBay about two weeks ago and have already decided to change up to a Zuki Eleets. The shiny trim piece and the function panel cover are not included (I never had them) but the amp works great. It is...
  6. H

    Make 2 channel amp mono without bridging?

    I have a 2 channel amp which is bridgable but what i want to do is make both channels play at the same time without that stereo shifting left and right effect. So essentially i just want my right and left channel to play at the same time. My reason for this is to not over power my sub. For...
  7. rfluvinmf

    Sundown Audio saz1500v1

    Item(s) SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Allow 24-48 shipping time, I work nights. However, I generally ship next day. Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive...
  8. A

    build advice

    So I'm very new to all of this and I want your guys input! 1) So the only part of my system i actually have is a 2004 Honda accord and two 15 inch 1500rms watt subs. I'm only going to be using one of them because i have no room or reason for two. 2) I want a good sounding system that isn't...
  9. 350zkid

    MTX Thunder Amp Package

    Feel free to check me out on CACO ( 350kid. Got 17 iTrader Feedbacks, 100% Thanks 1. Products: (1) MTX 4244 4-Channel Amp (1) MTX 4250D Class D Mono Amp 2. Specs: MTX Car Audio - Archive - Thunder4244 Amplifier MTX Car Audio - Archive - Thunder4250D Amplifier 3...
  10. heydes

    new sub amp suggestions

    i been in the market for a new sub amp. i have two 12' jl w3v3 4 ohms i was running them at 2 ohms. with Kenwood Kac-9104d 1800max it sounded OK. i bought a MEMPHIS BELLE 16-MCD1000 and ended up selling my Kac-9104d before getting the memphis. i installed the belle but the amp wouldn't leave...
  11. 350zkid

    Audiopipe 3k

    1. Product: Audiopipe 30001D 2. Specs: Class D Power Amplifier 1 Ω Load Stable Overload & Overheat Protection Variable Low Pass Electronic Crossover Variable Sub-Woofer Volume Control Built-in Variable Shift AP-30001D • Power Amplifier: 3000 Watts • Channel: 1 Channel Class D •...
  12. f1mclarenagr

    Hifonics Brutus BRZ 1700.1D

    Item(s) for Sale: Hifonics Brutus BRZ 1700.1D Item(s) Description/Condition: Perfectly Mint Condition. 10/10 functionally 10/10 cosmetically - Some paint missing where screws go. However when you screw it down, the new screws will cover this up. Was used for about four months to power two...
  13. M

    WTB: Memphis (or other) 16-ST300 or 16-MC300 amplifier working or non-working

    I am looking to buy either one of the two amplifiers listed in the title either in working condition or non working condition. I just prefer that the amp is in good cosmetic shape; free of deep scratches whereas the finished is ruined, gouged past the finish, etc. I may also be open to other...
  14. PRIVATEpastry

    Directed Audio 1100D *Broken*

    Haven't shown my face around here for a while, kinda straying away from car stereo systems (I have new hobbies now). Ref's are in signature. Item(s) for Sale: Directed 1100D Mono Amp Item(s) Description/Condition: Used, a little scratched up here and there. Something is wrong with the RCA...
  15. F

    Parallel/Bridge Mono with multiple amplifiers

    After buying a few of the Crown Macro-tech amps, i started to look into the idea of Parallel Mono to obtain large power with two channels/separate amplifiers. Using a mono signal split into two identical signals with a Y-splitter, i thought - why not use two identical mono amplifiers on the same...
  16. M

    WTB: Blown Memphis/Crossfire Amplifiers

    I am looking to purchase a blown 2 channel M class memphis amplifier and a Crossfire Mono Block amplifier. If you have one available, please specify the problem with the amp and a price shipped to 53143. Thank you.
  17. X

    SOLD MB Quart DSC 1500.1 Class D Monoblock Amp [dsc1500.1d] 1500W

    Item(s) for Sale: MB Quart DSC 1500.1 Class D Monoblock Amp [dsc1500.1d] MB Quart Discus Series Class D Monoblock Amp 375 x 1 @ 4Ohm 750 x 1 @ 2Ohm 1500 x 1 @ 1ohm PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) MOSFET power supply LED power and protection indicators Tuned Bass EQ (0-9 dB bass boost at 45...
  18. cookboy

    SOLD Hifonics BXI1208D amp., 2400watt mono 1ohm $200 shipped, ny

    selling a Hifonics BXI1208D amp, my wife said it was too loud for her, so i took it out of her car. used for about a year, pretty much mint condition. this is a really mean amp. it's also a 25th anniversary edition amp. i still have the box and everything for it. also has a bass remote for it...
  19. Wingsfreak9

    SOLD broken kicker zx 400.1

    I have a kicker zx400.1 for sale rated at 200rms at 4ohms and 400rms at 2ohms but the catch is that its broken. Hooked it up once to test bought it went to hook it up 3 hours later and nothing. Dont know what the problem is, could just be a fuse I really have no idea and there is nothing...
  20. qkassidyw

    SOLD FS: (WA) Rainbow iPaul DM2000 & iPaul 2.400 Amps

    I have for sale two Rainbow Amps. One is the Monoblock DM2000 and the other is the 2 Channel 2.400. Both are completely functional and the reason I am selling is because I sold my car, got a truck and will be going a different route for the sound system. These are great amps, high sound quality...
  21. J

    SOLD MA Audio HK802SX 4400 RMS 1/2 ohm stable amplifier HUGE!

    I am selling one of my MA Audio HK802SX amplifiers because I cannot fit two in my car.I have had one in my car for well over a year and bought a second one a while back and just dont have the room or the power to back both of them.I have been highly impressed with my amp and have never had any...