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  1. M

    FS: NY Incriminator Audio Death Penalty 15" BNIB

    Item(s) for Sale: A single Incriminator Audio Death Penalty Subwoofer 15" Item(s) Description/Condition: It is brand new, most recent version. Dual 2. still in original shipping box and packaging from Incriminator Audio. Was pulled out and inspected and put back into packaging. I bought it...
  2. denim

    New IA I-series Amps

    Check out the new amps from Incriminator, the I304 and the I501: Amps - Incriminator Audio - SSA STORE    
  3. TheJesus

    FS: 4x IA Warden 15" V2 D.7

    Item(s) for Sale: 4x IA Warden 15" V2 D.7 Item(s) Description/Condition: 8 Spoke Black Cast Basket 3" Reserve 8 Layer Flat Aluminum Voice Coil Quad Black Progressive Spiders with Dual Woven Tinsel Leads High Pressure Kraft Fiber Reinforced Cone Multi-Layer Foam Surround 8" 120 Oz Eight...
  4. TheJesus

    FS: 4x IA 40.1 V3 (SplitForce)

    Item(s) for Sale: 4x IA 40.1 V3 (SplitForce models, the double stack) Item(s) Description/Condition: Rated Power ( 14.4V at 1% THD ) RMS Power - 2 Ohm Linked : 9600W RMS Power - 1 Ohm Mono : 4800W RMS Power - 2 Ohm Mono : 2400W RMS Power - 4 Ohm Mono : 1200W Power Efficiency ( 4 Ohm ) ...
  5. S

    Incriminator Audio Build

    Gentlemen, First off, thank you for your time reading this - just need some ideas for my build. I have 2 options - 4 10's or 2 12's - Ported. Option A - 4 IA Lethal Injection 10's in a ported box w/ 2 2,000 watt Audiopipe amps. Lethal Injection Series Subwoofer Possible box - 4 Four Hole 10...

    IA LI older style police badge 600w rms - actual handling?

    Anyone know the actual handling of this version? Are these the v2's? I know the newer ones have a weird 3-pattern logo with 2 blue and one white, different motor (plus more I'm sure, but those are the easy to notice changes) and they rate them at 1000w rms I have about 800-1000w rms to give...
  7. V

    need advice please

    if i were to run 2 incriminator death penalty 12s off of 2 hifonics brz24001.d amps strapped so roughly pushing most likely around 4100w rms would i need a second alternator or just some extra agm batteries??? i have a mechman 240a already installed....... thanks for your input. i know im going...
  8. V

    dc audio sundown incriminator orion????

    HELLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!looking to run 2400w rms in a 98 lexus es 300. have a mechman 240a h.o alternator and a kinetiks 2250 battery. big 3 and power are 0 guage. im running the new hifonics brutus amp cea rated at 2400w rms at 1 ohm. my question is what are my best options as far as 2 12s go. i...
  9. denim

    SSA Store hosting the Incriminator Audio Black & Blue sale again!

    A quick reminder, that once again, we (SSA) are hosting the Incriminator Audio Black and Blue sale. We have been doing with Incriminator Audio every 3 years. The last two times were a big hit and people have been asking constantly since. We will have pricing up soon, so keep an eye out!!

    F/S 12" Incriminator Audio Death Row plus wires/enclosure

    Item(s) for Sale: I have a slightly used 12" Death Row from Incriminator Audio, 2.5^ft enclosure slot ported tuned to 32hZ, MB Quart DSC 1500.1D, Knu Konceptz power,ground,rca cables. Item(s) Description/Condition: The sub only has 3 months of use, it has a duel 2 ohm voice coils. The...
  11. denim

    New Incriminator Audio amplifiers

    These will be up on the SSA Store soon. Once again showing why SSA has always been the only choice online for Incriminator.
  12. T

    Question About Incriminator Audio Death Penalty Motors.

    Solid Slugs versus the newer vented Motors. pros and cons of each and why.
  13. daveishome

    '92 Mazda 626 Single Death row build.

    Second set up just felt like posting, see what other people think. My old set up was 1 RE sxx 15 that I bought new for $299 lol, in a ****** prefab 2 cubic foot box. Here's a vid. I got a great deal on my IA DR 15 through a dealer, $275 new. It's...
  14. N

    Incriminator 187s

    Item(s) for Sale: Two Incriminator 187s 15" Item(s) Description/Condition: Like new/used for less than two months Performance 10/10 Cosmetic 10/10. Price: $100 each Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Will give an estimate when the time comes/ will piece out if you have the buyer...
  15. soundsolutions

    Incriminator Audio | Black & Blue Sale. STARTS @ 12:01AM MONDAY

    It only happens every 3 years! Updated:
  16. denim

    New Incriminator Audio 5.1 Mono block

    110x1 at 4, 225x1 at 2, 450x1 at 1 Class D Mono Block – Strappable   IA 5.1 on SSA Store
  17. aaronwhitlock3

    Help. 4 15'' hx2's

    Ok so i have 4 15'' power hx2 the box design i have is 14.25 cubic feet, ported. im going to have about 4500rms going to them. with big3 and 275 amp alt. im wondering how many and what kind of batts i should run and what hz. i should tune the box too. id like to have good but not to expensive...
  18. B

    Sub Possibilities, need some feedback??

    In the market for a daily setup. Narrowed down a few possiblities. 2 12" TC LMS-R's, 2 12" Incriminator Audio Lethal Injections, or 2 12" Sundown SA-12's....My original plan was to run the TC's, but now I'm not sure. This will be for a daily setup, so I'm not trying to go too extravagant, just...

    SOLD 12" D4 Lethal Injection from Incriminator Audio with ported enclosure

    Item(s) for Sale: Up for sale is my 12" Lethal Injection with duel 4 ohms voice coils from Incriminator Audio and a ported enclosure. Item(s) Description/Condition: The sub was purchased in April of 2010, directly from Incriminator Audio. It is rated at 600rms watts and 1200 peak watts. This...
  20. n8skow

    SOLD FS: IA 40.1 $750 shipped

    Product IA 40.1 (used) specs Factory rating: 3600 watts @ 1 ohm 1800watts @ 2 ohm 900 watts @ 4 ohm I've personally got about 4200 watts out of it at 1.25 ohms (12volt input). Will do over 5000 watts on 16+ volt system (or lower impedance), and can handle up to 18 volts of input...
  21. B

    New system time...ssa, re, or incriminator? Please help!

    Ok guys, so heres the deal. I've been without a system for quit some time now, so it's time for a new build. So I need a little help as to what subs to run, cuz there's a ton of em out there these days and most of what I'm interested in just isn't sold anywhere near me, so nobody knows anything...
  22. B

    WTB: *12 Inch Subs* possibly 15's

    hey guys, two twelves, looking to stay at 2200 watts or less total, let me know what you guys have, pm me pics or post them on here. thanks!
  23. S.B.C.

    6 18" IA DR's

    1x1 steel cage welded in- all mdf bolted to it I've yet to see 3 18s across- and stacked 2 tall in a vehicle yet, so I thought it'd be a change.. 6 18's- 7K- 3 Batcap 3000s- 2 alts.. 36cu ft. internal after sub n port displacement. 460sq in of port- tuned to 34hz. No #'s yet- will post em...