1. Cuznfkr

    What next??

    I have the following: Subs: 4 JL10W1v2-8 paired with a Skar rp1500.1 Mids/highs: Rockford Fosgate Punch 5.25 and RF punch highs , paired with a RF power 400.4 my question is my subs are a little over powering at times , and I have 2 open Channels on that RF amp. I’m on a very tight budget and...
  2. Jakerrr

    New to upgrading mids/highs. Best brands for the $ that brick/mortar dealers sell?

    I'm new to upgrading mids/highs and I'm looking for the best brands for the money that brick/mortar dealers might sell. I already have the sub stage covered (SA-15, zx1000.1) in my new car and it has a decent upgraded factory Infiniti stereo (Ralliart model as opposed to base 05 Lancer). I...
  3. Under Pressure

    Under Pressure Audio supertweeters are available now!! (27.99/49.99)

    Item(s) for Sale: http://www.upaudio.net/tweeters/ Under Pressure Audio 1 inch Bullet style supertweet. Item(s) Description/Condition: New in box 4 and 8 ohm configuration. Sold in Singles or Pairs 1 inch Bullet Style 8 oz. magnet RMS Power : 60 Watts per tweeter Magnet: Neodymium...
  4. I


    Id like a pair that can keep up with my ID X65 mids and are no where near harsh. Im hoping to stay under about 60$, something to hold me over for a bit till I can afford the ID X28 tweeters. Any suggestions anybody?
  5. T

    ssl 400 watt 4 channel amp for mids and highs!!

    Item(s) for Sale: SSL 400 watt 400 channel amp. Item(s) Description/Condition: Item is brand new in box never been used! Price: asking 50.00 shipped! Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Will ship ups soon as I receive fund to paypal! Item Pictures: (List pictures in this...
  6. S

    Soundstream reference 404s for 6.5's and 2 channel(cash on my side)

    I'm looking to trade my soundstream reference 404s for a 2 channel amp that does 100rms + at 4 ohms per channel and some decent 6.5 components. I will through in cash if needed. The soundstream is an old school beast. Runs .5 stereo on all 4 channels and 1 ohm bridged in the owners manual. I've...
  7. Why So Cereal?

    Better 4 Channel Amp of these???

    right now i have an autotek at1200 that....pretty much *****! My budget is about $250 and i have narrowed it down to these 3 4 channel amps. 1. Boston Acoustics GT-475 ($209) 2. Kicker IX 500.4($229) 3. Rockford P500-4 ($259) they are all cea compliant and rated at about the same amt of...
  8. Why So Cereal?

    New 4 Channel Amp

    ok so i have an autotek at1200 running my highs now and they get pretty loud but the sound quality *****. My dad has an old mtx amp in his suburban that he's willing to trade. It was made back in tha 90's but I dont have the series on hand. It was all black. Would this be a good trade or should...
  9. H

    Lanzar vct2010? Help!

    Yeah, ok I know that the lanzar vct2010 is a cheap amp and all but will it work for me? I am a sixteen year old and am new to all this car audio stuff. Im not too serious about this stuff atleast right now and am on a budget. Like im not going for competitions or anything but I want my 2005...
  10. H

    Pioneer DEH-P4000UB? Is it good?

    I have the Pioneer DEG-P4000UB head unit and was wondering if it is good. I am new to car audio stuff and need all the help I can get. Is it atleast a decent HU? I need a HU with a USB plug for my ipod or atleast an Aux plugin for sure if you want to give me suggestions on other HU to look at...
  11. H

    Help! Best Speaker for $200

    Please help me. I am getting a 2005 Chevy Silverado this summer and need help choosing new speakers for it. They need to be 6.5" door speakers. They will be in the front doors. The speakers need to be as good quality as possible for $60 - $200 for a pair. I will be using a $120 pioneer...
  12. Mzlady

    SOLD Memphis MClass 4 Channel Amp

    I'm selling a Memphis 16-MCA3004 4 channel amp, it is in good working condition with no problems. No I do not have the end caps for the amp. I'm doing a system change and this amp isnt in the plans so I'd like it gone. NO TRADES!! Asking $200 shipped OBO. NO LOW BALLERS. Paypal only! Here are...