electical upgrade

  1. cmartinez73

    HELP! electrical upgrades needed to run 8kW amp?

    I picked up a taramps smart8 and its gonna power 2 american bass HD 12"s. Setup will be going into my next car assuming its a year 2006-11 honda civic si with oem electricals. I can't figure out an answer what will provide the amp with the sufficient amount volatage to keep it running good and...
  2. T

    Substitute for H.O. alternator?

    Like the title suggests is there any substitute for a high output alt? the only reason I ask is because for whatever reason I'm having trouble finding one for my vehicle. ive been able to find one but its numbers don't offer much of a benefit for the price. I'm running about 800w rms. and id...
  3. mibz.1013

    Head unit is shutting off

    Well I’m lost, my hu has been shutting off once the bass hits but turn right back on, however if the truck isn’t moving and Is in park it won’t shut off even if I turn the music up (same song) not sure if its a lack of power from the alternator or a bad ground what do y’all think ?
  4. K

    Power for Speakers to Cargo Trailer

    Hey guys - I have almost zero knowledge when it comes to electrical wiring and have utilized my father & YouTube for the speaker help. I currently have a cargo trailer that's been semi-converted into a tailgating trailer. Currently, we run everything off of a car audio battery that we charge...
  5. B

    amp question/help

    Hey everyone Im a “noobie “ to the car audio world. I have a 2011 Corolla & Google says my stock alternator runs 100 amps. Would that be enough to run an all in one enclosure sub/amp.? or am I looking at needing upgrade my alternator.? 800w Maximum Power RMS: 200 Watts Impedance: 2 Ohm
  6. P

    Electrical upgrade

    I’m looking into getting the taramps 1800.1 and either the sundown sa-12’s or 15’s or the sundown e-12’s or 15’s when I get the money. Ik I will need some electrical upgrades because rn I’m running the stock electrical with a 1200 rms amp and it drops my voltage to 12.4 if the sub is up high...
  7. N

    Build list,help

    Trying to put together a build list for electrical upgrade on my sons 2005 chevy trailblazer. I was hoping to get some opinions on Battery, second battery and big 3 wiring kits as well as alternator. What are your guys favorite brands to use and why?