1. M

    Hifonics Brutus BX2005d

    I have been searching up and down everywhere for this specific model. Hifonics Brutus BX2005d amplifier. It does 2000@ 1ohm 1500 @ 2 ohms and 1000 @ 4ohms I purchased mine about 2005. Looking to multimeter both amps on each coil. Please contact me through here or phone 401-573-2660. Please and...
  2. A

    WTB -- Hifonics Bxi-2610 amp

    Already have one, looking to add another and strap them together.
  3. M

    Hifonics Brutus BRZ12 -- Is it any good?

    Hello everyone, I'm getting ready to do a cut-through(or blow-through) box in my 04' Silverado, and I'm looking into subs for it. I'll be putting 4 12" subs in my box, and I'm really having a hard time. I am on a budget, and I've heard that Hifonics make pretty good stuff, for not so much...
  4. R

    Hifonics Thiele And Small Parameters for 15" brutus

    i was wondering what the following parameters are for the BRZ15D4. i have two of them wired in parallel (if that makes a difference). i need the folowing parameters for the subwoofer. Qts vas Fs Re Le Xmax Z Qms Qes SPL Pe BL Dia SD thanks a lot
  5. A

    Brutus ELite 1600d steal?

    well i found this shop selling a BRE1600.1D for 229$ now idk if its a good price?or if i should get it? plus what is the difference between the elite or the regular brutus? please and thank u for ur help
  6. F

    Hifonics hifi 2500d

    Item(s) for Sale: (2) Hifonics hifi2500d Item(s) Description/Condition: They are used, not abused, bass knobs not included HFi Series Single Channel Class D Car Amplifier RMS Power Rating: 4 ohms: 850 watts x 1 chan. 2 ohms: 1700 watts x 1 chan. 1 ohms: 2500 watts x 1 chan. Max power...
  7. A

    How do i wire my hifonics amp to 2 2ohm alpine type Rs?

    So i have a Hifonics Brutus amp BXI2006D its a mono amp and at 2ohm pushes 1300watts (since its mono it splits 1300 evenly into two subs right? so 650watts each?) but it has two (-) and two (+) slots like a 2channel amp i also have 2 12" Alpine type Rs - 1800watts peak / 600 watts RMS 2ohms...
  8. Why So Cereal?

    3 Kicker L5 10s or 2 12" Audioque 2.5s or 2 12 RE SE(x)

    right now I have a FI Q 18 (sealed) that I am selling. I LOVE how low it gets and the volume is about as equal to my 2 cvrs ported. But i need more space in my car so I am going with smaller subs. I am between 3 square L5's.....2 12 audioque 2.5 or 2 12 re se. Need help!!! I have a hifonics...
  9. A

    I have a Hifonics BXI2006d amp

    What subs should i hook up to it? Hifonics BXi 2006D: Super D-Class Monoblock Amplifier RMS Power Ratings: * 1 ohm: 2000 watts x 1 channel * 2 ohms: 1300 watts x 1 channel * 4 ohms: 650 watts x 1 channel i wanna know what subwoofers would be best to hook up to this amp so they wouldn't...
  10. M

    hifonics brutus bxi2008d amplifier in protect

    hello good day i have a hifonics brutus amplifier bxi2008d which goes in protect as its switched on, apparently the audio driver board is damaged due to vibration i would like to know where i can purchase the audio driver board please model: SOB-002-09 i contacted hifonics but they do not...
  11. Why So Cereal?

    Need a new Amp for my 18 asap!

    so as of now i have a cadence dakota...2400 max, (supposedly 1200 rms) amp on my fi q 18 (dual 2 ohm)... basically it does nothing for the sub at all. and the amp will get hot as eff and then shut off. to even get the amp to do anything i have to crank the gain near all the way up and the bass...
  12. Guyver

    MB Quart ONX 1.1500d any good?

    How well does this amp perform at 1ohm and does it do what it is rated? Also, anyone know anything about the new Hifonics BRZ line?
  13. M

    5 kicker cvr 12's hifonics amp

    currently i have 3 12" cvr dual 4 ohm subs wired to a hifonics brutus 2000w amp at 2.6 ohms, it pushes them pretty hard with the gain turned up 2/3 of the way. i want to add 2 more subs to the setup dropping it to 1.6 ohms. looking for input on wether or not this amp will have sufficient power...
  14. martiandancer31

    SOLD 2 Hifonics amps f/s - BXI 2608D (2500 RMS) and XX-Zues (1600 RMS) Cheap!! Nice!!!

    For sale today are two hifonics class-d subwoofer amps - one is 1600 RMS at 1 ohm, the other is 2500 watts rms @ 1 ohm: Hifonics Brutus BXI 2608D - 2600 RMS @ 1 ohm I am the second owner of this amplifier. According to the previous owner, he only used it once, to test a sub. When I got the...
  15. J

    SOLD Fi Audio Q 12" Dual 2 Ohm & Hifonics Brutus 1606D 1600 Watt Amp, LOOKS BRAND NEW!

    I'm selling my nearly new Fi audio Q 12" Dual 2 Ohm Sub. I bought it new from Fi audio last fall for $260. I used it for about 2 weeks and sold the truck. It's been sitting in my basement ever since. It has the brushed alloy dustcap decal. This sub is practically brand new. I'm asking $215...
  16. R34P3R

    Hifonics Brutus 0.5 Ohm Stable?

    Has anyone tried running a brutus at half an ohm daily? I have a BXi 1608D and was wondering if anyone has tested this out yet? I think thermal would be my biggest problem, if it doesn't go into protection, considering its around 90 degress here and the amp doesn't see much ventilation in the...
  17. K

    Question about wiring to amp

    So I just finished installing my system in my new car and it isn't even a fraction of how loud it was in my old, which makes no sense to me because I upgraded from 8ga to 0ga power wire and from 14ga to 12ga speaker wire. The only things I've done differently in this car are grounded my amp to...
  18. amp