big 3 upgrade

  1. Daniel Lee

    Dimming help!!

    Hey everyone, I had a couple questions regarding my setup. I’ve got an 18 accord sport 1.5T, and it’s equipped with an NVX VAD 11005 5 channel powering the speakers, and a kicker cx 1800.1 powering a kicker dual L7 box. My questions How much of a benefit will it be to get the big three upgrade...
  2. D

    Big 3 upgrade problem

    Alright, so I did the big 3 upgrade today hoping to keep my headlights from dimming and my voltage dropping to 12. I am only running 2 12s that are 150 RMS each, and I still get headlight dim. So I installed the big 3 and started my car up and I still get voltage drop and headlight dimming...

    BIG 3 Q. my power wire is hooked to fuse box., can i run bigger wire from alt to it?

    when i had amp installed maybe 12 yrs ago they ran power wire to nut on fuse box (under hood)not battery (04 grand prix).. i'm looking at it to see what all i need to do big 3 upgrade.. i noticed wire from alt goes to battery but has a "y" off to the fuse box so it's basicly just running...
  4. @

    I'm About to do a upgrade and I need some help

    I am currently running 2 Massive Audio hippo 8s (500 watts RMS. ea.) and a Massive Audio N3 amp (1400 watts RMS.) and I'm about to do a huge upgrade. Soon I'll be getting a 250 amp high output alt. and 4 hippo 8s and 2 N3s and 3 batteries (1 under the hood and 2 in the back.) I have a stinger...
  5. Driv3

    Starting a big 3 wiring website; what would your dream big 3 website offer?

    Hey guys, Haven't stopped in for a while since I've been in college but I'm getting back in the game. I noticed their isn't a specific brand on consolidated site dedicated to the big 3 wiring upgrade. Everyone has questions about it at the start; there's got to be at least a thread every couple...
  6. W

    Electrical Confusion

    If I'm trying to run 2600 watts, how much power do I need from my alternator/batteries?? Right now I have a stock 70a alt, stock front batt, 4 gauge big 3, and about 100 ah of agm batts in the trunk. I don't know much when it comes to alternators/batteries, and how much power a system requires...
  7. sharkman

    Add or replace stock battery

    Ok so my system will be around 2500 watt and i know i will need more power when the bass hits. from what i read im staying away from caps. all my wiring is zero gauge and and im trying to complete the big 3 once i upgrade my stock alt to a 3g...(i have a ford bronco)..... So will it be possible...
  8. O

    Acura Integra Big 3 Upgrade & Alternator Swap

    Just finished putting in my new AlterStart 170 amp alternator and XS Power Big 3 upgrade. Check out the video to see it all powered up. I love this alternator and big 3!
  9. O

    Does BIG 3 need fuse?

    So I'm doing a big 3 upgrade and I have a simple question, does the positive connection from the alternator to (+) of battery need a fuse? If so how big? ANL 250 amp?
  10. L

    Big 3 location help

    So i've read countless forms, and even found a forum for my exact car. but the pictures on it were taken down.. and i cant find the wires, or where to connect them to for the life of me. I'm pretty bad with engines so that doesnt help.. if anyone could help me out with either pictures or a...
  11. CRSO

    All 2003-2004 Escalade, Tahoe, Yukon, Denali Owners That Did The Big Three

    I'm getting a 2003 or 2004 Escalade and plan on doing the big three as soon as I get it. I wanted to see how long the 3 sections of wire were that you cut. I want to cut the wire and put the lugs on ahead of time so it's bolt and go. Thank you peeps...
  12. puppet_1211

    head lights dimming help plz!!!!!!!

    i recently did the big 3 upgrade when i installed my amp the wire i used is kicker silver tinned ofc 4 awg wire the amp im using is a crunch pza2000.1 on 2 kicker cvr 12s i dont have the amp turned up all that much but when the bass hits my lights dim and flicker i got a 136amp stock alt and my...
  13. puppet_1211

    big 3 stock alt???

    i got a 136amp alt in my truck there is like 8 mabie 10 gauge wire on the positive and negitive terminals going to the grounds and and charge im going to run 4 agauge wire for my amp and i have an abundance of 4awg wire (kicker) would it work to do the big 3 with 4awg wire or would it not matter?
  14. T

    Best wire for Big 3??

    Whats the best wire to use for the big 3?