1. Paul Curtis

    Advice on Amp vs lower ohm speakers

    Hi All, So not an expert and I've just replaced all the speakers on a base audio X1 with Audison, with new tweeter pillars as well. The difference is night and day so very happy. I'm still using the base head unit. I do have an audison amp as well which I have not installed yet because that...
  2. A

    Is the Audison 8.9f worth getting at a deep discount?

    I see a lot of people have used them and now that my bugs have been worked out I am considering moving back to the 8.9F. It has 9 channels of dsp and is more than enough power. Seems like more people would use these amps. Am I missing something that has people avoid them?
  3. Doxquzme

    AduioControl DSP options

    Kicking myself as I just missed out on an AudioControl DSP DM-810 at $399 shipped tax-free, very disappointed. That said, am considering the DQDX (6 in/8 out - RCA) as I can have one at around $250 to $300 second-hand. And yes I've considered a 608 and Audison units and unless they are around...
  4. D

    Audison amp not powering on - advice needed

    Hi all, I'm new here and I've come in search of some expert knowledge! I've been into car audio ever since I passed my drivers test back in 2006 and I used to dabble a lot then with amplifiers and subwoofers. Around 2015 I undertook the task of running new speaker wire through into the doors of...
  5. R

    Audison Bit Ten D harness replacement wiring issues

    Hi, I've been dealing with connectivity issues over the past few years with my Audison Bit Ten D setup. It was professionally installed, though as I've encountered general issues over the years, I've managed to replace an RCA cable and a speaker on my own. However, the most recent problem...
  6. J

    Id greatly appreciate any info, advice or audio wisdom!!!

    I currently own 2012 Nissan Armada Platinum w/premium amplified 12 speaker Bose system. I removed the underseat sub, left the mini Bose sub amp & wiring in place. Then removed all other bose speakers, ran all new speaker wire & replaced with Infinity kappa perfect, primus & reference. I...
  7. W

    Audison VrZ 4.400 - Looking for Manual (Operating Instructions)

    Hello everyone Just got a almost-mint VrZ 4.400 amplifier Unfortunately it came without a manual. If someone has a PDF / DOC manual of this (or even scans of an actual manual) - that would be certainly a great help Appreciated!
  8. Mirza54000

    Audison lrx 2.9 in Protection

    Hi Guys, I just bought this Audison lrx 2.9 amplifier. The amp is wired correctly. Trying to run JBL 1220D (2ohms per coil) . Connected the positive to speaker left positive and negative to speaker right negative. Ground is connected to NEGATIVE and Battery to POSITIVE. Switched between mono...
  9. tylormcvey

    COMPLETED Audison Voce 3-way set- AV6.5, AV3.0, AV1.1 NIB

    I have been going through my small collection of audio equipment that I'm not using &/or have replaced with different equipment. These never made it to an install & only came out of the box to pose for some pictures. Audison K6 2-way component set with crossover (for 6.5" midbass & 1.1" tweet)...
  10. M

    COMPLETED BNIB: Audison Thesis TH 3.0 Voce II Mid-range Speakers

    I opened these to try to find a reasonable mounting location in my vehicle, but could not. Up for sale is a brand new unused (NEVER SEEN POWER) pair of the top of the Audison/Hertz/Thesis speaker line! The Series II speakers are 4 ohm. I couldn't find a spot to mount these, so I'm selling...
  11. R

    COMPLETED Matching set of audison srx2 and srx3 $400+shipping

  12. Aygodriver1212

    WTB Audison LRX 1.1k OR 2.9k

    Hello guys, I want to buy an Audison LRX 1.1k or a 2.9k, either is fine. I don't need the original box or anything, amplifier needs to be in okay condition with as little scratches as possible. Please help me find one of these bad boys, I'd owe you my life! Thanks!
  13. Aygodriver1212

    Best sub for Audison LRX 1.1k?

    Hey guys, I'm back again hunting for a new subwoofer. Got an Audison LRX 1.1k on my hands for just €50, unused, such a bargain. Now I need a subwoofer that can handle it's power. First of all, I listen to hiphop, lots of low bass tones (madeintyo, Future etc.). Previously had a Sundown EV2...
  14. G

    Audison LRX 6.9

    Item(s) for Sale: Used Audison LRx 6.9, custom paint Item(s) Description/Condition: Load Imp. 6 Channels 5 Channels 4 Channels 3 Channels 4 Ohm 4x70+2x75W 4x70+1x280W - 2x240+1x280W 2 Ohm 4x120+2x140W 4x120+1x470W - - 4/2 Ohm - 4x70+1x480W 2x240+2x140W 2x240+1x470W 4/1 Ohm - -...
  15. rlmich

    **Audison VRX 4.300 4ch SQ**

    Item(s) for Sale: AUDISON VRX 4.300 Item(s) Description/Condition: Really, this is as nice as just about any amp ever produced. It is active capable right out of the box and is built like a flippin battle tank. It will do 110x4 at 4ohm and 12v and is 1 ohm stable on all 4 channels. Perfect...
  16. C

    FS: Audison / SQ / PHD...

    Item(s) for Sale: 1. Audison VOCE 6.5 & 3" Mids w/ Pair of crossovers MH - Tweeters NOT included 2. Sound Quebed QP MR 6.5 with QP TH25 Super Tweeters - SOLD 3. PHD AF 4.1 MB - SOLD Item(s) Description/Condition: 1. 9.5 - Fully Functional 2. 9.5 - Fully Functional 3. 8.0 - Glue on...
  17. Y

    Audison Bit Ten Processor

    Item(s) for Sale: Audison Bit Ten Processor Item(s) Description/Condition: Used - excellent condition - working. Just professionally removed from a car I purchased a couple of weeks ago. Price: $300, **no reasonable offer refused** Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Shipping...
  18. S

    Audison LRx 1.1k Amplifier For Sale (chicago/suburbs)

    Item(s) for Sale: Used Audison LRx 1.1k amplifier Item(s) Description/Condition: -in excellent working condition, serial numbers intact -some minor cosmetic wear marks -the mounting screws seem to be fixed into the four corners of the amp, the screws turn but won't come out -manual, chart...
  19. S

    Audison LRx 1.1k Amplifier For Sale (chicago/suburbs)

    my apologies i made this post in the wrong section, please delete this post. i made the corrections and reposted in the correct section
  20. TheMayer

    Audison BitTen with Factory HU

    Sorry if this should be in a different section. I currently have a Sony DSX-310BTX HU feeding an RCA signal to my BitTen's AUX input. I want to put my factory radio back in and use the High-Level input on the BitTen. How much of a downgrade (SQ wise) will the high-level input be vs the RCA?
  21. TheMayer

    Audison vs. Rainbow Components

    I'm currently running Rainbow SLX-265 Deluxe Components active for the front stage. Ive been considering an upgrade to the Audison Voce components, just wondering if anyone has had experience with both sets of speakers and can give me their opinion!
  22. T

    Audison LRX 1.2K For sale!

    Item(s) for Sale: Audison LRX 1.2k for sale! Item(s) Description/Condition: Amp was only used for two seasons and only ever ran at 2.67 ohms. Still runs amazingly. Minor scratches and such but amp still looks great. Price: 1400 OBO Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Located in...
  23. S

    For Sale Audison VRx 4.300 and 1.500.

    Item(s) for Sale: Audison VRx 4.300.3 and VRx 1.500.2. Amps were purchased new from an authorized dealer. Made in Italy, each amp is a wonderfully made. VRx 4.300.2 4x110 into 4 ohm 4x175 into 2 ohm 4x220 into 1 ohm 2x350 into 4 ohm 2x440 into 2 ohm VRx 1.500.2 560x1 into 4 ohm 1080x1...
  24. RaiN

    Looking for Audison LRX 5.1k

    Looking for a Audison LRX 5.1k that's in excellent condition. I can buy new, but thought I'd look around here to see if anyone was wanting to change their equipment up.
  25. HeadBussa86


    It's been a long time since I've posted on here so I'm a little out of the game to say the least..That said, I'm considering a new system for my '07 Volvo C70 consisting of a Boston or MB Quart sub, and the rest all Hertz, amp, speakers, etc...I'm also doing the Audison Bit One/Ten whatever is...
  26. CraigLeMay

    WTB : Seeking to purchase many Audison LRx 2.9 amps.

    Please contact me if you have any Audison 2.9 amps for sale or trade. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Rock On, Craig
  27. S

    SOLD Selling my system...

    I have: Audison LRx 1.1K (cosmetic scratch on front of amp housing) Audison LRx 6.9 Morel 6" Hybrid Ovation Hertz 10" HX250D (first series) Kinetik HC600 (100 farad) All tsunami wiring kit I am selling all of it. I also have a custom box made by MSS in Arlington, TX, made for a crew cab...