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Rickanna Lambert

Viper security system starter kill option

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I bought a used chevy truck with a viper alarm system. Im guessing it was a after market install. I know nothing about the viper system except it uses a 7654v remote. It does have remote start and starter kill option. That is my problem it is stuck in starter kill. Ive had this happen to me before when i first got it. And a nice random gentleman looked up a button combo online that undid the starter kill. I am a older woman that doesnt know jackpoop about alarms. Please someone tell me where to start to find the answer my truck is stuck at work and no one i know knows how to fix this problem. Thanks

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You can call a Locksmith out.several of them will get the vehicle started

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So that remote includes a remote start option. Do you know if remote start was installed as well? What year and model is the truck you purchased? All Viper alarm have a valet button that can disable the alarm as long as you have the key. On that model the valet button should be in the antenna which hopefully is in a visible location. Get in the car and turn the key to ignition on but not start and press the button once. This will disable the alarm.




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      I just got through installing a Viper 5901 in my 2003 Ford Expedition everything went just fine but now when I press unlock all my doors unlock. I had priority unlock with my factory keyles entry unlock once for driver door unlock twice for all other doors, I was wondering if anyone knew how to retain priority unlocking? or if there is a different way to wire it up that will work?
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      hello i have two viper amps that were pulled out of a veh that i sold... the friend did not get the plugs that go with the amps. dose anyone know where to get these i have tried dei,ebay and so on. my amps are a 150.2 and a 300w mono sub amp. and is there a way to make ur own wiring that u can plug into these amps thanx for reading and i am looking forward to ur reply..
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      the alarm works fine except one problem that has to do with the feature that flashes the parking lights....... sometimes after arming or disarming, the parking lights get stuck so the lights are on, and you have to keep pressing the arm/disarm buttons on the transmitter several times until you get them to turn off.
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      So I bought a 2001 F-150 the other day and it came with a viper 790xv alarm system/ remote start. I really want to take off the camper shell it came with but I know that the alarm is hooked up to it.
      Will I have any problems with this?
      Should I just take it to a shop?
      And about how much typically would a shop charge for service on something like this?
      I would also like them to reset it because there is no info about custom codes etc. Thanks for replies.
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