1. Rickanna Lambert

    Viper security system starter kill option

    I bought a used chevy truck with a viper alarm system. Im guessing it was a after market install. I know nothing about the viper system except it uses a 7654v remote. It does have remote start and starter kill option. That is my problem it is stuck in starter kill. Ive had this happen to me...
  2. ekah

    anyone know of any good budget 2 way alarms?

    im trying to buy an alarm off amazon and need to know if anyone has experience in this area. im looking into some 2 way alarms that also does remote start. i looked into viper and clifford and maybe avital? anyone know any other brands or if these are the best and where to buy other than amazon.
  3. adulbrich


    I was looking at getting this alarm: Viper 5706 5706V 2 Way Car Alarm Remote Start Key Less Entry LCD Pager 5704V | eBay My mom was like: "You don't need an alarm". I disagree. Not tryna get my shit jacked. Anyways, I'm looking for an alarm that alerts my phone via text if my vehicle is...
  4. The Silverman

    Viper 3002 Alarm for cheap

    For sale is a used working Viper 3002 Alarm Horn and warning light are missing. $40 Shipped OBO
  5. D

    Remote Start Clicks but Doesn't Turn Over!?

    Hey everyone so im just about finished installing a Crimestopper SP402 1 way Alarm/keyless entry/remote start in my 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. I have everything installed and working cept the door sensors which shouldnt matter anyway.(last thing to do) bUT my problem is for my remote start i got...
  6. YoungBloodM50

    New to me truck, came with alarm, couple questions.

    So I bought a 2001 F-150 the other day and it came with a viper 790xv alarm system/ remote start. I really want to take off the camper shell it came with but I know that the alarm is hooked up to it. Will I have any problems with this? Should I just take it to a shop? And about how much...
  7. J

    i need help how to disable flashing parking lights feature ?

    my car is a 1990 Honda CRX Si, and it has a Clifford Arrow II alarm system, which a shop installed back in 1999. the alarm works fine except one problem that has to do with the feature that flashes the parking lights....... sometimes after arming or disarming, the parking lights get...
  8. A

    Brand New Viper 5902 Remote Start

    Item(s) for Sale: Viper 5902 Remote Start Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand New In Box Price: $350 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: $15 Item Pictures:
  9. DEI 530T window modules

    DEI 530T window modules

    I have 2 new 530 window modules, they each control 2 windows up and down. I am asking $50 each.