Viper security system starter kill option

Rickanna Lambert Newbie
Nov 28, 2018
I bought a used chevy truck with a viper alarm system. Im guessing it was a after market install. I know nothing about the viper system except it uses a 7654v remote. It does have remote start and starter kill option. That is my problem it is stuck in starter kill. Ive had this happen to me before when i first got it. And a nice random gentleman looked up a button combo online that undid the starter kill. I am a older woman that doesnt know jackpoop about alarms. Please someone tell me where to start to find the answer my truck is stuck at work and no one i know knows how to fix this problem. Thanks


audiobaun Veteran
5,000+ posts
Jun 28, 2011
You can call a Locksmith out.several of them will get the vehicle started



Big Darkie
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Sep 7, 2004
Charlotte, NC
So that remote includes a remote start option. Do you know if remote start was installed as well? What year and model is the truck you purchased? All Viper alarm have a valet button that can disable the alarm as long as you have the key. On that model the valet button should be in the antenna which hopefully is in a visible location. Get in the car and turn the key to ignition on but not start and press the button once. This will disable the alarm.


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