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SQ/wiring question on budget speaker replacement

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I have a 2000 Honda Insight, with four factory speaker locations. (rear, behind the seat speakers were a factory or aftermarket add on)


It has a pioneer deh-x9600bhs head unit, polk db651 6.5" door speakers, and I'm about to install Earthquake Sound SWS-6.5X shallow mount "subwoofers" in the rear speaker locations. There is very low clearance on the pass side, since the fuel filler neck is 2" behind that speaker location, so I thought I'd try the shallow mount.


My question is.. since the "subs" are very small, do they still benefit (overall sound quality wise) from being wired into the head unit as a subwoofer, and having a dedicated frequency range? Or do I just wire them into the headunit as normal speakers?


Thank you for your input.

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It is most likely a waste of time putting those subs back there unless you built enclosures for them or completely seal the baffle for an IB set up.. Headunit power would not be anywhere near sufficient.

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12 hours ago, 1995Tercel said:

Ok, it seems the polk 651 are 60 watt rms, and the earthquakes are 100 watt rms.


What about this amp? https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_109147_Massive-Audio-EX44.html


'04 Chrysler Town & Country (it was cheap and I have a family)

  • HU: Stock - Scosche SLC-4
  • Comps: Lanzar Opti6c w/Opti400x4d
  • Rear fill: Stock
  • Sub: Lanzar Opti1232D 3cf 29hz w/Zed Opti1000.1d

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