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8" Subwoofer Choice, Need Advice.

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First of all I'd like to say I'm glad to have joined he best car audio forum on the web.


Soon I will be getting a Nissan Frontier crew cab and will be losing the space that I had for subs like in my 4Runner. I have found this ported box to fit under the rear seat at SuperCrewSound

Quick Specs

- Mounting Depth - 5.25 inches

- 1.0 cubic ft. Shared

- Tuned to 37hz, but frequency can be changed.

- 1.25 inches of clearance between bottom of box & floor.

I've done a fair amount of research on 8" drivers, and thought about the Sundown SD-2 but I don't believe it will work with it using the SA surround. I also heard good things about the Alpine SWR-8. I would like other people's opinion on 8" drivers that would work best with that box. Particularly I'm looking for SPL, that won't slam into the floor with excursion. Thanks for any advice!

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Splaudio for sure! I couldn't be happier with mine. SQL SPL mix! Best 8's I've heard.

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