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Speaker Setup/Advice

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I have an 09 Jetta that has a lackluster factory speaker setup. I have updated my HU and that helped considerably. Still yet, the sound is basically garbage. I'm wanting to run a whole new set up and would like a little advice on where to go with it. Mostly likely looking at putting in 6.5 component systems in all doors and running that off of an Alpine 4 channel amp. I'm getting a high wattage amp because I know that setup will be power hungry. The front doors have 3 speakers from the factory that include an additional 4 inch speaker. I'm considering a couple options with this extra spot.


1. First option is to simply not use it. I know when it comes to sound fields, more doesn't necessarily mean better.


2. I don't really want to run a 3 way crossover, seems pointless and not worth the money. With all 4 channels on the amp already used, that would be the only real option if I wanted to stick a speaker in that spot and run it amped.


3. Put in a 3.5 inch 2 way speaker and simply run it off the HU. I'm not sure that this would even put a dent in what I hear or have any positive effect whatsoever. It very well could just end up being a waste of money.


So all you pros, I would appreciate some shared expertise and a point in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

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