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02 Mustang GT enclosure capability? Anyone have specs?

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I have an 02 Mustang GT awaiting (2) 2005+ model Alpine type R's (dual 2 ohm. 1222D) I previously had them in my 98 mustang in a dual chamber sealed box and that was a pain. I had to remove the spare tire and trunk latch and angle it in until it was upright lol....I have heard the type R's come to life in a tuned ported box though and am interested in re doing my mach 460 and putting my subs back in. But I might just have to do a single ported enclosure though since the space needed for the type r to perform will take up a lot of room I guess?


Anyone have anything similiar here...I'd like to fit both in a ported box but dont think it will happen. Any suggestions guys? Thanks


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