2019 Ford Mustang JL Audio Build


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I ordered the car with the upgraded B&O audio system....turn's out Ford bought the name but they didn't buy the quality. The system ****** to me, and led to my build. I bought the following items to complete the install:

Amplifiers- JL Audio VX800/8i, and JL Audio VX1000/1i
Controller- JL Audio DRC 205 Digital Remote Controller
Speakers- Focal PS 165F3E 3-way components for the front stage
Moral Tempo Ultra Integra 602 MKii Coaxial for the rear
Sounds Good Stereo Mounting Brackets and harness for front and rear speakers
Subwoofer- JL Audio CS112G-W6v3 Sealed Subwoofer in Enclosure
Vehicle Integration- PAC AmpPro AP4-FD21
PAC AmpPro TOS1 Optical Adapter
PAC AmpPro APH-FD01 Speaker Wiring Harness

I had a well-known shop due the initial tune but am setting up an appointment for a well-known tuner to do the JL Audio "Max" tune.


  • Audio Build.jpg
    Audio Build.jpg
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  • Spare Tire Well Soundproofing 2 23 July 2022.jpg
    Spare Tire Well Soundproofing 2 23 July 2022.jpg
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  • JL Audio System.jpg
    JL Audio System.jpg
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  • JL Sub 2.jpg
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