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Kenny Pollock

Music video DVDs

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ebay has them

Originally Posted by cotjones

if you know much about jl amps u know that they put out about 185% of what they are rated for so that will be somewhere around 1600-1800 wats between the 4 10's and the big big sub will be set to a smaller gain to keep the punchy sound that you get from the 10's at all levels


I heard JL subs can run off of power directly from your battery, no amp needed :fyi:

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Ebay ones suck mainly the Dj RWB shit. It is burned and has horrible sound. I would look on cduniverse.com thats where I get alot of mine.

Refs: IonSQL Jeepintn Kpozr2 Killahbean Shiipseki X2 Rage420 Chrisc765 Magnatus Hopes Audio DeViOuSoNe DumpinTreos DaGhoSt SWEET06CAMRY


2000 S10 ext cab

Headunit: Pioneer Indash Flip screen

Subs: 2 Kicker l7 10's

Amp: Cadence Z7000 1500RMS@1ohm

Box: 3.4 tuned to 36HZ

Comps: Fosgate Punch 6.5's

Comp Amp: Viper 200X4

Battery: Red top under hood

2 Fahrenheit 7' Screens In Visors


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