where to connect speakers to sundown audio amp?


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Mar 23, 2021
los angeles
i read the manual, not clear. tried calling them, got voice mail.

I am not really very good with car audio, I do not know what i am doing.

I bought a SFB-1500D

I have 2 subwoofers, both 4 ohm - I want to connect them to 2 ohm into the SFB amp.

where would i connect to 2 + speaker wires and the 2 - speaker wires into the SFB amp? thx

i see from left to right on my SFB amp i have - - + + 4 speaker terminals


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Aug 12, 2008
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speaker output terminals on amp are internally connected....so just connect - to - & + to +.......... each speaker to its own terminal, final load will/should be 2 ohm to amp

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