What Can I use for my Comp/Daily system set-up?

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Yes,I've got a 93"Ford Probe SST.And I'am wantung to install a system that I can compete with and use daily!I've got a headunit:Alpine(CDA-9833).I've got $900.00/for my sub's I've got $1,000.00/for my subwoofer amp & my high's & mid's amp.And about $400.00/for my highs & mids.That's a $2,300.00/total for my equipment.I'am wanting suggestions about how many sub's to use?What brand & model???What amp's?What type of enclosure?Thanks alot for any and all help!!Sincerly,Clint //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/handclap.gif.0c301076f534e244f0460706894f19e0.gif


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Well since you don't have too much room to work with, I would go for 1 high end twelve, such as an xxx, brahma, dp, etc.

Build the box to be as big as your trunk will allow, tuned to however you want it.

It's really all your decision as to what you want.


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here we go, with the lack of knowledge, one minded people with the same type of subs, dang do you people ever open your horizon to other equipment.

2300 here is some options do you want to out bump the car next door, or it is something for you to ride with and be happy with.

Look @: kicker 5 channel amp, 1 PG tantrium 12", kicker comp, and kicker 6x9 2 way,


2 PG octane very afforadable. InF comp, with 693, 2 kicker comp vr 12"s, (this is what I put in my cuso jeep)

both of the above will be about 1900 including amp kit and rca's....

look at ikesound.com, justamps.com,


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Here goes:

Subs: 1 magnum D2 15''

Sub amp: JL 1000/1

Comps: focal utopia 165W 6.5''

Comp amp: JL 300/1

I think that's all you'd need. Now listen to me, that setup would kick some ass. Your roughly going to spend $350+$700+$550+$400=$2,000 which leaves you room to either get another magnum D2 or spend the rest on a professional install. That setup would destroy the previously listed systems. good luck.


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Id laugh at anyone who spent that much on that system. Dont start off at this forum being an ass. Read the kids question and look what you came up with. To make matters worse you call the suggested equipment one-minded, then further more suggesting stuff from 2 of the big 3, you say one minded, i say hipocrit.

Anyway, come to the realization that the box is key for any streetbeater or comp vehicle. Equipment is secondary, Id suggest a single 15 if you can harness at least 5^3's. Look into any of these brands. All have solid rep's, quality equipment, and good customer service (well, 2 of them dont if you were to ask me). If you really have that much money to spend, you can get a ungodly loud car.

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Adire Audio

If I had that money I'd buy this speaker. (well I **** with pc's so go to Ebay keyword: Beyond Audio (cant find them new like this anymore and its a good configuration)

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