What are actual differences in alpine 7903,7903ms,alpine 7904,7906R,and 7909,and 7909j and anniversary edition head units


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May 27, 2020
Hi, I would like to know what is the difference especially with the alpine 7903 7903ms 7904 and 7906 alpine head units, They pretty much look all the same. I know the alpine 7909J and 7909 anniversary head units were supposed to have better specs than the other units, But a few members from other forums said they could hear no sound quality differences between them all. Also some forum members were saying the 7903 was the one that was only one step down from the alpine 7909 head units. I would have thought the 7906 would be the one that was the step down,But could use some schooling from you old school experts on these matters,Even though I have been listening to decks like the alpine 7390 myself since 1988.

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