Want to change bass knobs with a different brand amp?

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I am running a Hifonics BRZ1700.1D amp to my PowerBass 3XL 15. The bass knob that came with the amp (HFR-3), has no clip indicator and I really do not want to spring for a DD-1. I have already matched my preout voltage and there is no distortion to the ear, but I would like to be sure. My friend strapped two, CT Sounds 1400.1D's and no longer needs the second knob, which has a clip indicator. The wire connects the same but will the knob accurately control my Hifonics; and if it does, will it indicate whether I am clipping or not? Also, could the use of a different knob damage my amp? I do not want to try it in fear that I may fu*k up my amp lol.... Any help is greatly appreciated guys! Thanks!

I have two birthdays and Christmas ahead so unfortunately, I cannot afford even $75.00 right now. Tapped out after buying the sub and building the box :/ I will bookmark it though because that is a really good deal! For now, I was hoping to be able to use a different knob and the knob also has a built in voltage meter, which is a plus! //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif

From what I've read they aren't that accurate on the ct amps,so I doubt it would do you much good on a different brand. Only amps I've heard of having an accurate clipping indicator was taramps.

No experience with CT amps but I do know the Digital Designs clip indicators are dead on. I set my gains to the exact voltage as my head unit preout, eared out the distortion and used an O-scope app for my iPhone (probably not accurate). So I doubt I am clipping but knowing the damage that can cause subs, I would love to make sure.

The only bass knobs that might work are the autotek and mb quartz knobs. Or the lc1
So any Maxxsonics product, Hifonics, Crunch, Autotek, MBQuart, all the same knob? I know they look the same, just different color, etc. The Hifonics Mt. Olympus amp has a clip indicator, one of them should work, right?

The amp has to have the function built in. It won't work
That was going to be my next question, does the amp have to have the ability to indicate clipping to begin with. Guess you answered that for me lol..... I think it's time for a new amp! Thanks for the help guys!

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