Three Channel Amplifier Question (JBL GTO-3EZ)


Dec 31, 2014
Hello everyone, I have a question regarding a three channel amplifier.

I'm currently looking at the JBL GTO-3EZ 3 channel amplifier.

I am planning on powering:

2x JBL 6.5" Midrange Speakers (60W RMS 180W Peak @ 2.3 Ohms)

1x Pioneer TS-W304R Subwoofer (300W RMS 1300W Peak @ 4 Ohms)

So my question is, can amplifiers run speakers on different channels at different ohms. Meaning, will the amp use 2 Ohms for the door speakers while still running 4 Ohms for the sub.

Also, the specs for the amp says 8 gauge wiring required, but does anyone know if it will properly fit 4 gauge wire?




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May 1, 2007
yes, the amp is fine with different impedance loads on the channels.

it may not fit 4awg properly, the manual will say, and it depends on the 4awg you have (legit vs. cheap).


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