These mobile pop up ads need to stop


Team Lethal Pressure
Jan 22, 2010
Every time you try to click on notifications one pops up and covers the toolbar.

Subaru of Orange Park is currently covering it....


Smoke weed everyday
10+ year member
Sep 30, 2009
Banging gears and passing queeers
I get these big ass ads with an option to close at the top. It just started happening a few days ago. Every bit of change they have done to this site has made it feel like they are trying to make this site as inaccessible as possible and piss every one off and push them to use other sites.

Meanwhile there is no mechanism to prevent spammers and the only time spammers are removed is when a user flags the posting. No moderation and no checks and balances to prevent spammers from making accounts in the first place.

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