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Aug 10, 2006
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so as I was randomly looking around this site again after all these years I came across this thread and realized someone has bumped this thread every year since 2007, aside from 2011. so, f*ck it.

as I sit back and look back on the whole thing that went down between me, the shop, the internet 'battle'....i realize a few things: i was a new customer to the industry and put my 'faith', if you will, into an install shop to make the right choice after they heard what i was seeking. not only did they perform an amateur, lazy install on my vehicle they also followed me on the internet and attempted to discredit anything i said, regardless of a good portion of the posters agreeing with me and pointing out blatant 'shortcuts', 'cheap materials', etc. looking back i also realize that at this point I will never rely on such a shop that treats their customers like that, nor will i rely on a shop that charges a customer $2200 for a subwoofer that costs $800-1000. i can vouch for that because i bought an XXX directly from a distributor as would a shop, and I know what I paid. they did what they did, they lost my business (and business of many others as i've referred over a dozen high-priced installs to other shops at this point, which could of potentially made their shop thousands of dollars) and they were also, more importantly, embarrassed on the internet.

when it comes to car audio, learn and do it yourself or go to a trusted shop. if you have never used a shop before, use google or find people who have and ask questions, you're bound to find a decent place and start out small with your purchases, and move up if they do good. shops know they can make thousands of dollars off certain clients if they play their cards right, so as a consumer know what you want, read reviews, buy your own equipment and again install yourself or go w/a trusted shop.



May 4, 2011
this isn't the first bad thing i heard about them that's why i never went there. If you can't even do wiring right, there's something wrong.



Sit on my face, B*tch
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Dec 5, 2010
They wired my friends sub wrong and it blew an amp.



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Apr 12, 2010
Butler, PA
Man, I was excited to find a new shop when I saw this thread title, however, after reading it... Ill pass on that!

Edit. Sorry to hear OP, Thanks for your review!



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Jun 29, 2011
TEAM NUTZ can **** a fat babies chubby d*ck!!! I took my BMW there to get the windows tinted. Huge mistake!!!!!! These assclowns not only broke the rear view mirror off, but refused to pay for a new one, or fix it. They told me the glass was 15 years old, or some dumb *** chit, and that the glass had broken down or deteriorated over time. I had never heard anything so freak'n funny in my life..hahahaha..I took it to "Ryans Auto Glass", the pro's, and they laughed there ***'s off as well. Seems the windshield was heated, so it was over $400 bucks to replace it. Team Nut Sack found out the price when I handed the owner and his son the replacement quote, and walked away from the repair, leaving me with a the bill..NEVER>> EVER >> TAKE YOUR CAR THERE!!!!

Im still well with in my statute of limitations, and considering sueing them. IF anybody wants to sue them, the local magistrate information is:

Mailing Address 1205 Main StreetSharpsburg, PA 15215

Street Address 1205 Main St

Sharpsburg, PA 15215

WWW Link Welcome to Aspinwall PA

Comments The verdict of The Honorable Lang Really hurt like a heavy pang. If I could go back, I wouldn`t hang... I thought my Pinto could smoke a Mustang!

About the area District 05-2-04 serves the boroughs of Aspinwall, Blawnox, Sharpsburg, Fox Chapel and the townships of Indiana and O'Hara. It is an interesting mix because Aspinwall and Sharpsburg are lower-class urban-oriented towns, Blawnox and Indiana are middle-class suburban-oriented, and Fox Chapel and O`Hara are the richest places in the Pittsburgh area, with several neighborhoods in Fox Chapel being literally "gated communities." In the end, they share one major road, Rt. 28, which weaves in and out and confuses drivers whether or not they are still on Rt. 28 or about to take an exit ramp.

Hours of Operation M-F 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Judges The Honorable Elissa M. Lang

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