Tapped Horn "expert" wanted

Mar 13, 2015
Norway, Oslo

I have two Soundqubed HDC4 15s laying in a way too small box atm and i want to make a nice upgrade box vise.This wont be in a car anymore but for cinema use for now, had great help here before so I'm posting here becouse car audio or not you guys seem to know your enclosures.

Therefore im hoping someone knows some tips about tapped horns. wanted to share my current plans and i have looked into all sorts of types of cabs all the way from simple ported boxes to 8th order cabs.. that being said, what do the horn experts say about my current plans and can you use this massive driver in a tapped horn? how big of a box im a looking at if i want a "true" half wave lenght horn all the way down to 27hz ish? MUUCH appreciated in advance:)

Size: no limit

Operational Fq range: 27-50hz (do you tune tapped horns?)

Driver: SQ HDC4 15s

Amp: 5k pa amp by crown

Money material vise: deep pockets but uknow reasonable



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Apr 18, 2018
Phoenix, AZ
I saw a walled build on youtube the other day with 4 15s on a tapped horn type design doing 150+ easily on only 2000 watts.  After researching a bit more, there are actually quite a few other benefits to this type of design, one being the effective output range.  I would be interested to know if you find a good source for coming up with a design for those two subs, just to follow it....

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