Sundown Audio SA 6.5 coaxials -VS- SD 6.5 components


Grease Monkey
Feb 3, 2021
BFE, Mississippi
Planning a build for my GMC Sierra Ext Cab. Subs, sub amp, enclosure and rear door speakers have already been picked out. Just wanting to know everyone's opinion for my front door speakers. Either choice will be run on amp power.
Subs: 2 Sundown Audio SD-4 10s in a SubThump downfire enclosure
Sub amp: Skar Audio RP-1200.1D
Rear fill: JL Audio C1-525x (I know a little trimming will need to happen for them to fit in the stock 4x6 location)

Both front door speaker choices are the same price ($180). The SA co-ax speakers are rated at 80W RMS each where the SD components are rated at 60W RMS each. This will determine which amp I buy.

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