Subwoofer works on some days others it doesn't

TheGermanMoses Newbie
Aug 30, 2020
Some days I will turn on my car and my subwoofer will work for the entire car ride. Other days I will turn on my car and it won't. The power LED is on. All the cables are plugged in, I have no idea what the issue could be.

- I have a Pioneer DMH 1500NEX aftermarket headunit sending signal via EFK Marine RCA patch cables to a JBL GT BassPro 12 powered subwoofer. I have tried different RCA cables but got no change.
-I re-secured my ground cable. I have a ring terminal connection to the bolt that secures the back seat to the chassis (I dremmel'ed off the paint that covered the back seat bracket).

-The only things I can think of is maybe my battery can't support it? But I would think that I would see flickering in the power LED if that were the case. Or maybe both sets of RCA cables were just defective? I don't know. Has anyone seen this before?


Senior VIP Member
10+ year member
Jan 10, 2012
I would try putting in a different amp/sub and if it works then you know it’s the powered sub

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