Subwoofer f150 truck box


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Mar 2, 2014
Bloomingdale, IL
I'm building a system for a 2021 F150 that I'm buying soon. Im looking for a proper ported box for under rear seat. Looking to do four 8s or three 10s. Looking to run 2500w rms subs with a JL Audio or Kicker amp with Sundown 8s or maybe Kicker solobaric 8s. I want it to slam.

So first, do I go four 8s or three 10s or something else. Needs to fit under rear seat. What subs would you recommend. The best I've ever heard in my life was back in 2003 when a friend had 2x12" Kicker solobaric and a Kicker amp. It just slammed. Looking for similar.

Second, what amp? I was looking at Kicker 2400w rms amp running three 8s at 800w rms.

What would you recommend. Interior speakers and amp is another story.

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Jan 22, 2010
Are you going to do electrical upgrades? Cause stock electrical is not going to handle over around 1500rms.
If you are then I would do 4 Sundown SA-8s and a Sundown SFB3k.

If you aren't going to upgrade your electrical two Sundown SA-8s on a Sundown SFB1500.

For box you might want to hold off until the 2021 is actually released cause the interiors have changed but not sure if under the rear seats will be the same or not. But custom will be your best bet. Firing forward with port to the side loading off the door.

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