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Oct 6, 2009
Portland OR
I'm new here, but this is the shop that REALLY got me spun on putting some $$$ into the sound of my 99 Buick Park Avenue.

I went in just to replace the blown rear deck 6 X 9's and have the stock head unit put back in (prior owner had installed r'diculous DVD player).

Paid a negotiated price (I'm a real pain in the ass) for a pair of Infinity Reference 6 X 9's. They actually talked me out of the more expensive Kappa series for my application.

That's some integrity!

They quoted me $125 to $175 labor for deck-reinstall (depending on if it was a rat's nest or not, parts needed, etc.) and removing rear seats & deck for speaker replacement. I even asked to have the rear deck speaker mounts reversed so I could access and/or change out the 6 X 9's next time from the trunk.

Less than an hour after I let 'em have it, it was ready. And it was perfect. The installer did everything I asked and even diagnosed some HVAC steering wheel control issues I was having.

And they only charged me $80 for what they estimated to be minimum $125. Again, integrity.

Sales guy was Anthony and the installer was Jeff.

I would not hesitate to go there again for installation.

I'm not the best at determining brand selection or pricing, but they seem well stocked and pretty reasonable compared to unauth'd Ebay and Amazon guys. And they WILL negotiate.

They stand behind their products too. I'm actually picking up a warranty replacement 6 X 9 tomorrow for one that the voice coil went out. They'll swap out of their stock and deal with the mfr. for warranty stuff, as long as they've got the part still in stock.

That's my story.



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Nov 27, 2009
Camas, Washington
As far as car audio shop customer service goes, they are EPIC. I have never felt so comfortable in a CA shop before. The guy knew what he was talking about, didn't mind that I was just looking around (not buying), didn't lie in order to support the company by telling me Kicker comps are good or something like that, and while he talked for a good 1/2 hour with me, he didn't lead the conversation on longer than it needed to be. Their customer service is the reason I advertise them to everyone, especially when passing by it. If only it was open later...//



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Apr 9, 2010
Yeah the guys at the 82nd stereo king have never heard of cdt audio.... other than that they are pretty chill fellas and never ride your nuts and try to push stuff on you.Now the IDIOTS at outrageous Audio on the other hand are ridiculous IMO.The lil mexican guy in there knows nothing and tried pushing some 12" kicker,pioneer ryval amp,kit combo on me for about 300$ not including installation LOL ( which me not knowing much at the time seemed like a decent deal lol ).Thanks to my good pal Mistfit138 i ended up getting WAY better stuff for about 50$ cheaper total.



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Jul 22, 2010
West coast
I bought a ton of stuff from them back in 1997-2003ish. I also bought a ton of stuff from Stereo King East(??) out in Hillsboro before they went out of business. Everyone seemed like standup guys. They even let my dad return a Unic EQ for a SoundStream subwoofer crossover back in the day. I still have it. //



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Aug 10, 2007
Portland, OR
Stereo King guys are pretty decent. Their AWESOME CUSTOM (I mean CUSTOM) installer back in the day...bout 2-3 years ago left(from the 82nd ave store)...Which is sad. Chris was his first name....I know he moved on to greener pastures...and I can probably get ahold of him...But he was the guy that'd fabricate anything you needed...

Awesome guy.

Outrageous Audio?! ughhh...Don't get me started...

Tweeters for ONLY TWO BUCKSSSS!!! (high pitched winy voice...)

I remember going in there one day....Was looking at some Decks....And I had my eye on a ....Kenwood Exceleon....kdc-x9?? I forget at the time...maybe 915....

Anyway he said he was offering it for $$$$...whatever the price was...which was an OK deal...

I wasn't ready to pull the he goes off saying if I don't buy it now, the price will go back up once I leave....

I said sorry...I don't have the cash right now...

Of to which he kept pushing....if you leave that price is going back up. Anyway I reminded him I don't have the cash....and he just kept at it...well the price is going up should buy it....blah blah blah...he was stuck on my nutt....and wouldn't let go....

I was soo pissed...didn't buy the deck from him....went somewhere else...and got it for the same price anyway...


Suicide Bobb

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Nov 27, 2009
Camas, Washington
This place *****..they did a horrible jobs on my car. Never go to this place for your HU install.
Since the last time I commented on them, they've definitely gone downhill...hired the wrong people I guess. It's worth making the trip to Streamline Audio in Vancouver to get the system installed right.


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