Stealth is key.


Junior Member
Jul 2, 2018
Tacoma, WA
So I'm Johnny. Obviously young, ridiculously proud, but nowhere near new to this scene.

Ultimately, my goal is more or less to make my dad admit that I am better at this stuff. From building my own boxes, to wiring my vehicles, to cranking out a quality sound at ear-piercing volumes. I would definitely like to keep it to a low budget, but I guess that's just for bragging rights.

I'm working on a 96 Grand Cherokee, and trying to keep the system as stealth as possible. All fabrication, calculations, and installing will be done by yours truly. I'm more than happy to take suggestions for subs, amps, mids, highs, crossovers, hell: fuse blocks. I don't care. I want to keep it cheap, I want it to be loud, but most importantly I want it to sound good. Keep in mind that i have to make the system invisible, outside and in.

Rock on guys, I'm glad I finally have the opportunity to get involved in car audio.