speakers & amp?? tweeters blowing...


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Ok, so im running 4 jl audio 5x7's and 2 jl audio .5" tweeters. they are hooked up to a jl audio 360/4 amp. i got the rear 5x7's each on a channel for the rear. and the front channels each have a 5x7 and a .5" tweeter. well over the past few years i blew 3-4 of the .5" tweeters. sometimes one at a time, sometimes both. i got the amp on high pass filter, gain half way & the tweets have a crossover inline to help block low frequincies. here is the link to the speakers & amp-

TR570-CXi - Car Audio - TR - Coaxial Speakers - JL Audio

TR050-CT - Car Audio - TR - JL Audio

JX360/4 - Car Audio - Amplifiers - JX - JL Audio

the 5x7's are 4ohms and the tweeters are 8ohms. im not sure what that brings the total ohm load to? but the amp is 2ohm stable. i don't have anything bridged, just both + and - wires together in each channel. if the amp is running them at 4ohms it says 70 watts a channel. if its 2ohms then 90 watts a channel. plus i keep the bass down on the head unit. surely there not getting over powered? i mean the tweeters are 50watts Continuous Power Handling (RMS) & 125 watts peak. the 5x7's are 50 watts rms & 225 watts peak. any ideas or suggestions is appreciated!!!! thank you!!!


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