Soundproofing Suggestions for Hatchback

pfgray2008 Newbie
Jun 17, 2021
Hello. I hope this is the right place to ask this question.

I need some advice on soundproofing a particular section of my vehicle. I’m trying to figure out what material would be best to use on rear trunk lid cavities in 2019 VW Golf R? See attached photos for reference. Once I removed the large trim panel I found 2 cavities that I want to apply sound deadener. The question I have is what type of material is best suited for this area? Normally I would apply a butyl layer but using a roller in the small space is going to be a challenge. The cavities are fairly shallow and large stretching nearly width and length of the panel. Should I be considering a foam deadener instead in this section? Any recommendations on materials and products would greatly be appreciated.


Coolhand20th Elite VIP
Mar 27, 2019
Resonix and Second Skin are number 1 & 2 with regards to independent testing that has happened. Look up the group The Deadening on Facebook as that is where a lot of people get information these days. Someone there does the testing on his own dime and his numbers are really good and he does a ton of different tests. Also I would be sound deadening the entire hatch and trunk along with the front doors if you can afford to. Makes a big difference all around.


mastershake575 Veteran
Mar 11, 2015
Just apply deadener. If you buy high quality materials then you don't need anywhere near 100% coverage so that small lip shouldn't be an issue as long as you stragetically place it. Think of it like a drum cymbal, if I apply 25% coverage to the cymbal and then hit it with the drum stick the cymbal will hardly make any noise. Me adding 75% more coverage to that same cymbal might make it 5% quitier if even that

DRBOOM Well Known
Nov 21, 2018
I have used regular sound deadening (bitumen base) in the inner panels and used a foam adhesive cut out on over those holes in my ride, It provides padding and creates bit more room so the plastic panels do not resonate with bass frequencies.

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