Smoking sub.....


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Sep 9, 2017
Huntsville, AL
i recently wired a 12" Rockford fosgate sub in my car. Amplifier, box, and speaker are all to specks and the right fit for each other. I started playing music and it sounded very soft. Almost inaudible and extremely hot to the touch. I turned it off immediately, turned the gain off and tried it again. After about 3-4 minutes I saw smoke again. And I turned it off immediately. I turned everything as low as I could get it and checked all my connections. Everything was good so I turned it back on and listened to it very low to see if I could hear anything wrong. Sub did not heat up again but still didn't sound right. I took the sub out of the box and smoke poured out... apparently I wired my dual voice coil wrong so they were fighting against each other. I fixed it and checked for any obvious sign of damage. Everything looked good and the speaker does not scratch when depressed by hand and does no longer get hot or sound soft. It sounds absolutely amazing!! I'm just worried that I may have damaged it in the begininning running it on very low volume and turned all the way down for about 10 minutes. Any insight to its condition!?


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