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Mar 5, 2014
Covina CA
So i need find out if anyone here has had the same smell I have had in a new or I should say, they were installed about 4 months ago. The speakers were a pair of Pioneer 6x8 4 way speakers installed in my rear panels in a Tacoma Xcab 2004 truck. It is hard to explain but i would tend to believe I am not the only one who has had the smell.
I will try to explain. The smell comes when i play my system at fairly loud volume. And it only has to be loud for about 5 min or so then i get this small from the Pioneer 6x8 speakers. It kind of a oil and electronic smell. I'm trying to describe the smell I never have had this smell before over the years of installs and speakers.
Is it bad or not. Is it the speakers have some oil in the voice coil that is heating up and smells or what. ????

let me know if anyone here knows what that is and what may cause it and if there is anything i can do. Well other then changing speakers out.

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