Silverado Enclosure with JL-TW1-2

tbasskc Newbie
Jul 12, 2019
Greetings.: First post, was going to post in the chevy forums, but you all are the experts.

Ive decided to add a sub to my Chevy Extended Cab, with BOSE (I have the proper harness to get the signal before the factory amp, so no worries there). Anyway, looking at two different enclosures.

One is Vented the Other is not. The one that is vented has .80 cubic feet, and the NON vented has .6. I want to use the JL-TW1-2. Which would be more ideal... Normal Audio here, country some old school rap, and rock...

Listing the two enclosures here...

Is the .2 cubic feet an issue on the vented?

What say you?


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