SB Audio Review!

MBrock4u Elite
10+ year member
Jan 7, 2006
Granite City, Illinois
Well, it is always nice to find a shop that is good! I had a good feel for this place right out of the box. They are warm and friendly here. Made me feel at ease, not uptight like some shops in the St. Louis area. The owner, Eric, really knows what he is doing here. He is a SPL champion, and has other compatition awards. I was very impressed about his knowledge. Bought a set of Image dynamics components, and had them installed there. They carry them as well a memphis and other very good brands. Image dynamics was my choice here. You can watch them install your gear there and not be hid away in some cave. Every step of the way I might add. The attention to detail was very impressive here. They are not done with you until you are happy. They are very customer oriented at this place. It would be worth your time to stop in and check them out. They seem to taylor to what YOU want, not to sell you what you don't need. They are located off of highway 50 in Union, Mo.



Polecat's daddy
10+ year member
Jan 4, 2006
Sullivan, MO
Thanks for the praise Mark...we try....//


JohnKuthe Veteran
Sep 9, 2016
Thanks for the praise Mark...we try....//
Sounds like you're my kind of auto audio equipment installer! But I'm already contacted to another guy who does auto audio installs. Just gave him my down payment and he ordered a lot of installation hardware!

Look good?

John Kuthe...


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