Running active components off of head unit?

4BangerStanger Well Known
Apr 23, 2019
I'm thinking about getting this head unit when it comes out.  Although, I may end up with the 5000 (and a small amp) though depending on price.

So, I have two questions really.  First, is it possible to run a set of 6.5 components in an active set up from this HU?  My plan would be to eliminate the rear speakers and run the mids on two channels and the tweets on two other channels. It would involve some creative wiring, but nothing super complicated.

Secondly, can y'all suggest some raw drivers to make up the components?  I was looking at these for the mids:

Anything better for not too much more money.  What about some good tweets to match up with them. I also need to see if these would even fit in my doors. I see other sets with similar depth that say they fit on Crutchfiled. Anyone know of a way to know if they'd fit a 2015 Mustang?

Thirdly (guess I have more than two questions :)) if I can do an active set up, can I still stick with the 4 channel idea using some passive crossovers?

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