Question regarding connecting the audio signal from the subwoofer

alepoirier01 Newbie
Jul 8, 2022
Hello I have to connect my subwoofer signal with a hi input (from speakers). My subwoofer is connected with its own amplifier. My speakers are amplified by their own amplifier too. I wonder if I take the signal from the speakers amplified by the amp to send to the subwoofer or if I take the signal coming out of the unamplified car radio.

Also, what speaker should I take to use the signal.
Only 1 speakers or 2 speakers, front left or front right? or both
Or the rear speakers.
The rear speakers are less loud than the front ones: I think it's original in the factory radio configuration.


Junior Member
May 22, 2013
My speakers are amplified by their own amplifier too
If this amplifier is an aftermarket unit, it should have RCA Output. If it is not, then connect to the rear amplified speakers. The sub amplier High Input should be able to handle the signal. Make sure Gain is down before powering up.

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