Question on Apple maps in car play on Alpine Halo 11 iLX-F511

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Hello Folks,

I recently rented a Polestar 2 vehicle for several days while on vacation. I used Apple CarPlay and the resolution of the apple maps program was just fantastic.

In my daily driver (2017 Toyota Tundra), I have an aftermarket car play adapter. The apple maps program looks like kiddy cartoons compared to what I saw in the Polestar. I assume that is due to the smaller screen size and lower resolution? For reference, the Polestar display (portrait mode) is (1068 x 1425dp; 1152 x 153px) according to a google search.

So....I'm now considering the purchase of a Alpine Halo 11 iLX-F511 to replace the stock double din radio and the aftermarket carplay adapter. Before I commit to this, I'd really like to see a screen capture of the the Apple maps program in CarPlay on the unit. I've looked all over for reviews and on Youtube for examples but I cannot find anything.

Anyone here running CarPlay on the Halo11? How do the maps look? Can you send me a screen capture?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide..

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