performance mods for unpoplar 4 bangers

no, the svo had a 2.3, BUT i do beleive there was a 1.9 Turbo that came in older probes or escorts....if you really want to you can look into that, but i dont know if its a powerful engine.

O.K., I got curious and did some digging around.

The Tracer is the same car as a Ford Escort; you can try to see if older parts, no farther than '92 will fit.

K&N makes an in box air filter for it. (And most any other car)

At (The place is not just for trucks) I found a Jet Power control unit for about $195 to re-program the ECU.

Also found a Monza cat-back exhaust (On sale for $208.99) for a '93 Escort (My old car); don't know if it will fit a 4-door, but the floor pan of the car did not change (Except the wagon) so it should fit.

Also listed for the '93 single cam 1.9 (Same family of motor except on the intake side and computer as '97 & up): VENOM nitrous kits and fuel pumps!; Nology plug wires (They will fit); Lowering springs; Ractive front strut tie bar; Energy suspension bushings; camber kits (Not for wagon); short throw shifters; Lightweight flywheel (Don't know if still available); and a Pacesetter header kit (Don't know if it will work with the newer OBDII computer, '97 and up).

Had to look under Ford Escort for all parts though. Nothing else besides that. Can't believe I found as much as I did!

It is possible to swap in the 2.0 Zetec motor from a Ford Escort ZX2 (Later ones prefered; same motor as Focus ZX3; called only "ZX2"); that would open up posibilities a lot more. Not to mention a LOT more power. Would only be worth it if you can get it dirt cheap; maybe out of a totaled ZX2.

I've seen things done to Escorts though; most of it custom or a kit ment for something else tweaked to fit. There are forum sites out there on the net for Escort owners that might know more resources.

Have fun. Later.

whats wrong with mercury???? If you can whip the other persons a$$ it really shouldnt matter if your in a camaro or a yugo (or a mercury).

On another note, im not going to make my mercury fast. Im broke. Was just curious if they made any thing for my slow mercury.

Nothing that wrong with Mercury. Not as good as they used to be though. Remember the Murader from the sixties? Nice big block 390 and four speed in a coupe.

Just wanted to say,: I have a 1991 Merc Tracer LTS, with the 1.8L DOHC engine, the 1.9L has 103HP stock, the 1.8L has 127HP stock, I swapped to a 1994 Escort GT engine and Tranny,(tranny's-type F-Type G) and I gained 20 KPH on my top end., I believe most of it came from the higher compression., I went from 8:1 - 9.5:1, and slightly different gearing ratio in the tranny, but if you look hard, there is lots of ways to boost the tracers/escorts. Also the Mazda Protege's have the same drive line, the engines and trannys are acctually Mazda products with the ford stamp

1991-1994 Merc Tracer LTS

1991-1994 Ford Escort GT

1991-1993 Mazda Protege

all had 1.8L DOHC,

1991-1994 Merc Tracer

1991-1994 Ford Escort

1991-1993 Mazda Protege

all had 1.9L SOHC

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