peel and seal?

In California this stuff will get deadly.... when it gets hot the tar comes off and it melts and all that fun smelly gooey sort of fun!

Nothing wrong with the Peel & Seal. It works quite well for sound deadening.

As it is a roofing product, I seriously challenge the claims of it melting.

Temperatures that roof's are exposed to on a daily basis greatly excede those that a typical car will ever see. I have yet to see this stuff melt on any roofing application or otherwise.

Don't hesitate to grab the Peel & Seal; it does the sound deadening job well, and pretty much tears the regular name brand sound deadeners to pieces with it's bang for the buck factor.

I've seen the stuff melt, but only on trunk lids. I remember sometime last year Ant made a post describing the process through which it melts, and why products have to be specially designed and manufactured to function properly when being applied upside down. I don't remember the specifics of it.

well where are you going to be using it? If you are going to be using it under the cloth coverring in your trunk then you dont have to worry about it. Where your trunk if sealed it should not get that hot and it will be coverred by the mat. Plus if it gets a little melty hte only thing it will be touching is the underside of the mat.

ill be using it in the doors. seems like it would be easier to use because its on like an 6" wide roll isnt it? if it runs or drips it wont really matter inside the doors.

ill be using it in the doors. seems like it would be easier to use because its on like an 6" wide roll isnt it? if it runs or drips it wont really matter inside the doors.

Peel & Patch is the 6" wide one. Peel & Seal is roughly 12" wide.

I still have absolutely zero concerns with either relating to temperature.

I've frequently used it on black roofs in direct sunlight where the roof temperature has easily reached 200 degrees and sustained it for several hours. All that happened was an improvement in adhesion, and me drinking more water. //

Both the Peel & Seal and Peel & Patch will work fine for your doors. I have complete confidence in it as a functional sound deadener.

thank you very much for the info. i used some of it when instaling a refridgeration unit on top of a building and it seems more rubbery than asphalt. do they have it at home depot? i looked a few times but couldnt find it. any idea where to look?


Roofing Department.

It's small enough that it can be easy to miss. Ask someone there for help if you have trouble finding it.

If Home Depot Doesn't carry it, try Menards, Lowes, etc.

I know for sure that Menards has it either way.

Any comments on sticking layers of this on the roof of trunk? I need deadner BAD, as if my sig don't explain it enough. Was wonderin if i could layer it like 4 times? Also how much is this stuff?

Peel & Seal is a brand name. If you ask for it by name you may get blank stares. Any Home Depot has an equivalent, but it may be by a different vendor. The stores in my area have a brand called Quick Roof, in 6" wide rolls. Dunno if it's exactly the same or not.

Ask for self-adhesive roll roofing material, asphalt based with an aluminum outer skin. The roofing dude will know what you're looking for.

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