Old School Rockford Fosgate Amp Wiring


Junior Member
Apr 26, 2009
Hey guys I recently got a old school Rockford Fosgate Punch 360a2 amp and could use some insight on how I should hook up my single 12" Eclipse SW8122DVC 4ohm dvc sub. I currently have the sub wired to 2ohm from my last amp but was wondering how I can get the most out of this old school rockford amp with this sub. Ive also heard these older rockford amps are highly underrated and was also wondering how much this amp actually produces...Anyways should I leave the sub wired to 2ohm and bridge it or? It says bridged is 4ohm but each channels can be 2 or 4ohm so I don't know how I should wire and hook it up. If not bridged, what about wiring each 4ohm coil to separate channels or no cause it has 2 gain controls for each channels  (left side gain & right side gain). Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks for the time.