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I've read through countless forms to no avail. I would like some decent budget friendly recommendations for the audio system. Preferably I would like to keep the factory amp, however I wouldn't mind getting a subwoofer with it's own amp.

I was looking at the 10th gen forms, coupe specifically, and even though they have a slightly different system, their speaker sizes are the same, and it seems like the Kicker CompC 44CWCD84 8" Dual 4-ohm Component Subwoofer fits tightly in the rear deck with no modifications.

I was recommended Infinity Reference REF-6532EX 6-1/2" 2-way Speakers for both the front and rear deck to work with the factory amp.
Not sure how great of an option that is for bang for my money.

I have a 2015 Civic Si coupe. It has 4 speakers up front (2 of which are tweeters). 2 speakers in the rear and an 8th in factory sub.

The part number for the factory speakers for reference; Honda 39120-TR0-A51

I've had 2 12"s, I've had one 10", and the same outcome each time. I don't want to rattle off my head with bass, nor do I like rattles. I simply want a clean audio experience.


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Check out Kicker’s powered sub that accepts high volts on the speaker level input…

I know of several people who’ve installed it in their factory amplified systems and can recommend it.
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Since you plan on keeping the factory head unit, You need to first verify what ohm rating your factory speakers and head unit are. Some are 4 ohm, and some aren't, (I don't know about honda specifically). If they aren't 4 ohm it really cuts down on your options, and you would definitely want to reconsider your head unit.

If your head unit has NAV then it's nice, and costs a lot to replace that. If it doesn't have NAV, you can buy an aftermarket head unit that will do what yours does and more for $100 - $200. Depending on what you get, some head units can power 50w x 4 speakers, which I'll bet yours doesn't. If you don't want an amp, that would open up your options.

Can't give you honest recommendations without knowing your budget for everything, and if you can do the install yourself.
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