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Hi to everybody in the forum!

I just got a Scion XB, I will start by applying Fatmat to it , and slowly build my system, I am thinking of getting JL AUDIO, probably W6v2 H.O. wedge and amp JL 500/1 but for now I am planning to leave it stock and spend some time trying to figure out the fatmat thing...and I would like to ask a few questions.

I appreciate your input.

Once I take out the door panels, is there going to be other kind of material that I need to peel off, or like a foam or something, do I even need to apply soundeadening treatment?

Has anyone worked on a scion xb?

For small spaces should I use small pieces?

Do I need a special tool to remove the door panels?

Is there a website where they have step by step pictures or tips for sound deadening application?

Thank you

Typically carmakers do put some type of foam or cloth like barriers under panels however they **** for sound deadening. best idea is to just strip it all off and go straight to the bare metal to apply the mat. Also small pieces are easiest to work with so just cut the mat to a size that you feel is comfortable to work with in a given section of the car. I know that they make door panel tools for most of the major brands so I would expect Scion to do the same. Otherwise when trying to remove panels you could damage them.

On my door's there was cardboard type material. On newer car's it's probably plastic. Try, or talk to ifandorbuts on here and he'll hook you up. Whenever you get ready for a system make a post and someone will try to help you get a little bit better for your money than JL.

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