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Hey. Recieved my 2 RE HC 12"S in the mail the other day, and went to install yesterday. I only built a box for one atleast for now, so I was hooking up a 2 ohm DVC HC. The amp I have is a mtx 81000d. I drive a 1993 Honda Civic Ex. My deck is an Alpine 7874, and insides I have a set of Polk and Infinity 6.5"s. I run 4 AWG wire from my battery to a 2nd battery in my trunk, an Everstart Extreme Deep Cycle battery. I built my box using the diagram emailed from RE, ported box tuned to 35 hrz. I have an 80 amp fuse between front battery to trunk battery, and hooked up a 150 amp fuse between back battery and amp. I first grounded my amp, then connected the RCA's. I ungrounded my trunk battery, then tried to hook up the power wire from it to my amp, which let of a spark. I then took out my 80 amp under the fuse, then hooked up the power wire to amp, without a spark. Plugged the amp back in, then grounded the trunk battery. I started the car, noticed the red power light on the amp was on, but no noise. I turn up volume to about 7 (out of 30), then quickly notice smoke pouring from my trunk, which was open. I run back and see a continuous flow of smoke coming from the port, and a horrendous smell. We quickly take the sub out, and at first could not figure out where it was coming from. The sub did not feel even remotely warm, we then lifted the sub and noticed it was coming from the hole on the bottom of the magnet, which was warm and letting out smoke. My amp had 2 sets of positive and negatives. I connected one positive to the positive on my box terminal, and the negative right next to it to the negative on the box terminal. Inside the box I wired it according to rockford's wiring wizard, which should have made for a 4 ohm load. I used 12 awg speaker wire, and 4 awg power/ground.

Was curious what could have been the cause of this? About 2 hours previous to installation, my cat knocked the amp off the lower portion of my computer desk which was about a 1.5 foot fall, obviously not good. The only other problem I can think of is if my back battery wasn't fully charged, as it hadn't been ran in a few months (I previously had 2 bazooka amps running off of it, I abused them however, and they blew in a few months). I am still not sure the severity of the battery if it was not fully charged, but figured since I would only turn volume up to about 7, the amp wouldn't draw as much power, and it might be able to recharge itself over time. I could not tell if it was the amp or sub making a hissing noise, but one of them did for about the first 3 seconds. Any suggestions?

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Explain exactly how the sub was wired. It sounds like the sub was dead shorted to me, in this case most amplifiers have a circuit to protect from this happening. Did you notice that when the sub started to puff cancer, if the cone was stuck either all the way in or out. If this was the case then there is a definite problem with the amp going into straight DC. I would not try your other sub in there just yet, I would try a different amp first, double check the wiring of your other new sub and try again, if it works, we know the sub is wired right and the fault could be with the amp.



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I did that wiring inside the box (from speaker box terminal to the subwoofer). Outside the box, I ran one of my positives to the positive on the box terminal, and the adjacent negative to negative on the box terminal.


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Do this. Get an OHm meter and measure the restance off of both sets of positives and negitives for each voice coil of the sub. It almosts sounds like the voice coil inside the sub is melted together with the outside of the voice coil housing. If your amp fell to te ground it could have very well broken, or cracked the terminal board which would cause only positive electroids to go out. THIS WILL BURN UP THE AMP AND THE SPEAKER. (kill the cat) it this happened.

But back to what I was saying check the ohm at each pos and neg terminal and insure it is 2Ohm. if it is more or less there is a short in the speaker. DO NOT HOOK UP THE OTHER SPEAKER until you get your amp bench tested.


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We tested the amp on another RF sub (my old HE2), the sub reached full excursion outward...we tested this on both terminals of the amp. Im gonna try and get a different amp sometime in the future to test on the RE sub...and get the MTX tested as soon as possible. Ill keep ya posted...

any other comments possibly? Steve? Dustin? Lloyd?

...Travis & Brock...



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Took some pictures of the inside of my amp. Did not notice an odor or a crack myself, though I obviously don't know the key points to check. As Brock stated, we did hook the amp up to his sub, it reached full excursion and stayed there with either set of terminals. So though I didn't see this on my sub (we was inside my car when we saw smoke coming from trunk), I'm sure it did the same. Please take a look and see if anything looks screwy, any help is appreciated!

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