New amp,sub,speakers (need your opinion for setup)

Drifter mike Recruit
Sep 25, 2021
Last year i installed in my mom's car (Mercedes A140 W168) an aftermarket head unit (Pioneer DEH-S320BT 50*4watt) and also changed the stock speakers with new: JBL Stage 2 604C front (6.5'', 45 watt RMS, 91db sensitivity, 4 ohm) and MTX TX-250C rear (5.25'', 55 watt RMS, 91.5 db sensitivity, 4 ohm).
Now i want to improve the sound a little bit so i have on mind buying a TRF M600.4AB amplifier (4 channels, 600 watt RMS max, max RMS power 4ohm 80W*4, max RMS power 2ohm 150W*4, max RMS power bridged 4ohm 300W*2), a TRF VLSW123D2 Subwoofer (12'', 350 watt RMS, dual 2ohm voice coil) and 2 Hertz Uno X 690 speakers (3 way, 6*9", 85 watt RMS, 94 db SPL sensitivity, 4 ohm).
The subwoofer will be placed in a ported, 35-40L, custom box and the two hertz speakers on car's shelf. Both hertz speakers will be connected to the amplifier (channel 1 and 2) and the subwoofer will be connected to bridged channels 3 and 4 after connecting the ''two voice coils'' of the subwoofer in series so the final resistance will be 4 ohms (so the power that the subwoofer will get from the amp will be 300 watt RMS). JBL and MTX speakers will not be amplified.
Could you please tell me your opinion about this setup? Do you think it worths ?

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