Needing some help on an install - LA


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Apr 11, 2013
Lafayette, LA
Im currently piecing together my setup to put into my '13 ford f150 supercrew.

Looking to run a component set in the front doors (havent decided on rear components or just coax) and i already have a pair of sundown E8's in a ported enclosure on the way. Amps are still in the works but looking for 5-700w rms for the woofers and 75-100w to the front components. Suggestions needed. Budget friendly please.

My biggest concern is the install. My previous installer has since gone out of business so i'm on the look out for a quality installation.

Hoping members in the louisiana area, lafayette specifically, can point me in the right direction or maybe even install my system.

Any help is appreciated



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Sep 6, 2009
monterey , ca
budget and where is lafayette,there are a couple of members in la



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Apr 11, 2013
Lafayette, LA
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Would like to keep the remaining components under $600 if possible (components, 2 amps). Will also be running everything thru the stock HU via PAC for the time being.

The previous owner of the E8's ran them off a alpine Mrp500 so may go back to that as they are rather budget friendly. Components, was looking at Hertz, sundown, focal. Not sure on these as i have only ran a free set of polk db series comps in my previous vehicle.

Lafayette, Louisiana. Bout 50mi west of baton rouge.


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