need some help with my 98 Z28 system


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I'm new to this audio stuff, but I want to add onto my system in my 98 Z28. It has a factory installed monsoon system in it already, which sounds good enough for me, except I want a little more bass. So I recently bought a 10" JL sub and custom box to fit in the left quarter panel. I have no idea how to set up the amp though. I'm buying my friend's 300W crossfire from him. But I don't know how to set it up. I know I have to run a power wire to it from the batter, the speaker wires from the head unit, and something about the remote wire. My buddy is sending me splices that just slice into speaker wires and has RCA connections on the other end to connect to the amp.

Also, do you think this would add to the system? make it sound good?

I'm going to add this to the wiring section in this forum site, but I found an open connector with six wires in it that is taped up next to the left rear speaker. Any ideas what this is for? I'm guessing it's set up to place a sub back there, but I am so lost with these wires?? Nobody can tell me what they're for.


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they make modifiers that can take high level speaker wiring and turn them into low level signal wires. hope thats what hes giving you.

the speaker wires that are troubling you are likely for other speakers that could be hooked up in the car if the car came with them. i think the monsoon came with a couple different setups.

remote wire is something that the amlifier needs in order to know when to turn on and off. so, naturally, you want to hook a wire up to it that only turns on when you have your stereo on. aftermarket head units have a wire called "remote" wire that you directly splice into and run back to your amp.. however, since you have a stock system, you will have to find the antenna wire. its hooked to the radio as the radios "remote" wire so it knows when to be on and off. chicken and the egg

anyways, gl and nice car //


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i have a 99 z28. if you have the money get a new deck and the kit to still use the stock monsoon amps for the rest of the speakers then just use the rca's from the new deck for the sub amp.

or if you want to keep the stock deck use the splice thing for the rca's.


thats my Z28.



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Thanks for the help guys! think I'll keep my old deck. I don't need or want anything too showy or too expensive, I just want a little more bass in my car. I think I'll wire that "remote" wire into a switch too, I always liked how my buddie's car had that feature! I can wire it up so it looks completely factory too! Hide the amp in the right quarter panel, and the only thing showing will be my sub. I'm all about the "sleepers"

Hey tat2....where's your t-tops man?! that better be a stick to make up for it! Mine's an auto // but has the t-tops // And it's a pretty Navy Metallic Blue // with leather interior

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