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bass maniak
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well im building a box for one of my mags,the box will be sealed at 1.35 cubes after displacment.

the problem is i want to get the box done up quick but my friend isnt around and he has my lil 6 inch blue neon at his house and i was gonna do plexi with the blue neon in the box.

what do you guys think i should do?

make the box now or wait for the neon?

bass maniak

bass maniak
10+ year member

Team Poundin Sound
my friend came jus b4 i was bout to build it and now the box is mostly done.

box is built,glassed and carpeted.

tomorow ill put the plexi on,the plexi is jus on top of the box and the blue neon is also already in the box,tommorow i jus need to paint the inside of the box and its ready to go.

i should have pics up tommorow also.


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Ownz joo
o yea i forgot what do you guys think of me writing like magnum d2 in the plexi?i think it would looks **** sweet.

dont mind if my typing isnt **** tired,been up for 38 hours
man that sounds awesome. make sure to get the pics up. how would u write in the glasss? would u carve into it or something?

bass maniak

bass maniak
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Team Poundin Sound
the box is done and boy does it look awsome.

sounds awsome also.

i havent wrote into the glass yet but im thinking like doing an outline with somthing and jus sanding it over that.

or i can take teh easy way out and get a magnum d2 sticker made hehe.

pics will be up later tonight,since i want to get the neon effect in, i am also watching my lil bro and sis at the moment and i cant upload the pics on my comp(its a piece of ****) so i have to go to my cousins later and put em up.

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