Need help picking out setup

Jonas Newbie
Oct 11, 2018
Me and a couple of friends are making a van for partying for our graduation, as it is a tradition in Norway. We don't know too much about car audio, so we need some pointers. We would like the best possible, bass heavy, speaker setup our car could be able to power. Sound quality is not that important, we will be drunk most of the time. We plan on spending somewhere between 500 and 1000 USD.
The car is a VW Caravelle 1997. The battery has a capacity of 100Ah (019) and the alternator supplies 120A. We are probably buying a 2nd battery aswell.
We already have two 4" and two 5.25" speakers connected directly to the radio, both of which also have treble). We are going to use a Boschmann ZX3-T4D 3900W amp.
How many more speakers and subs could we add, and what sizes should they be?


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