Need Help deciding on a 4 channel Amp

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Apr 14, 2019
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Mar 5, 2014
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Ok how about a Focal FDP 4.600 or the Phoenix Gold  SX2 800.4  both same amps designed by famous amp designer ZED Audio over $500   No just kidding.  Your listing just said you need help on deciding on a 4ch amp.

For the last year i have been running 2 Kenwood XR401-4 amps in my Tacoma X-Cab truck. They have plenty of power and are High Res certified. I have the Pioneer TS-Z65CH top of the line High Res components in front door and Pioneer 6x8 in rear panels and the 2 Kenwood 4 ch 75 rms XR401-4 amp powers them with no problem. Have a Pioneer HU with 6 ch RCA and it plays FLAC high res files and high quality Wave files.  I saw the specs on the Infinity 60.11CS and the amp will work fine. They are older models and Infinity has a newer model out 60csx but the older models will still work fine.  But one very IMPORTANT  thing about these Infinity speaker is that they are 2 ohm rated. As you may know lowering the ohm means the amp will put out more power to the speakers. That is ok and will work fine but,  from my experience from a set of Polk Audio MM6501 i had few year ago that were 2 ohm rated is i had my amp naturally putting out more power and that meant more HEAT and my amp kept shutting down to cool after 30 min or so of moderate to high volume. They were BA amps and not junk amps. Having my speaker amp under my passenger seat and my catalytic converter also under my passenger area did not hep with the heat issue.  Now with the Kenwood D amps it runs cooler with no issues and i have the Pioneer speakers that are 4 ohm rated.  That was my experience but as they say "your mileage may very"

My system has the components in front door and the 6x8 in rear panels and i have 2 Polk Audio 8" subs mounted in the old school Kicker substation tube boxes in my back X-Cab area of my Tacoma truck. 1 Kenwood amp is in 4 ch mode and the other is bridged to 2 ch mode for subs. Don't know what you want to achieve in sound, ether quality or DB. I wanted more quality sound (FLAC files) and not so much DB. My system gets loud but is more on quality. I wanted to keep my hearing in my older years. 

You also could yes get a single 5 ch amp and use one sub in the system. Also Kenwood makes 5 ch amps.  I preferred the 2 amp system It all depending on what you want to spend $

Also Pioneer amps have been good. There is a lot of good decent stuff out there and it all comes down to the dollars and what you want to achieve.  For me I always sit down and spend some time and maybe weeks and sometimes months deciding on what my goal is and what i want to achieve. What will my vehicle except in speakers or amps or even HU. Do i want to keep storage space in vehicle and so on. I do research and ask questions on certain amp models on Car Audio forum and and other questions and watch the bench test on internet and narrow it down to what my options are and what i want. What brands i should avoid and may be junk and what is my dollars i want to spend.  So if you have a better understanding of what you want maybe narrow it down a little and come here to this forum and we can help a little better. Many of us just want to help and share or experiences that will help others.   


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